Mythical King and Guardian of the North, Bestowing Prosperity

Also known as Jambhala or Kubera

This roomy cabin is located in the forested lower hills surrounding the main building. In summer time, Vaishravana is shaded by a canopy of tall deciduous trees, among them several gnarled old maples. It is surrounded by lush fern, mossy logs and boulders, and a brook running by carries cool “sky water” from the upper retreat area. The drive way entrance to the retreat cabin is near a parking lot, and sound occasionally carries from the highway, but the cabin feels remote nonetheless. The interior is more elegantly furnished than that of the other cabins. The set up of shrine, kitchen and sleeping area is nicely balanced and the many large windows add to its spacious atmosphere.

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Vaishravhana's surroundings include ferns, old maples and a nearby brook.
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In summer, Vaishravana is shaded by tall, deciduous trees.

The grounds of Vaishravana offer lots of space for aimless wandering in the woods.

A nearby brook brings cool water down from the upper retreat area.

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