Electronic Device Policy

At Karmê Chöling

Use of Electronic Devices at Karmê Chöiling
Karmê Chöling aspires to promote an environment where residents, program participants, guests and staff can connect with their own basic goodness and that of other's. This is supported by a culture of mindfulness, through the practices of formal meditation and respectful community living.

Electronic Devices, while essential to our modern life,
can often create a distraction from mindful living both to those using devices and to those around them. Providing boundaries around when and where these devices are used supports connection with ourselves, others and the land. The following simple policy was developed with this in mind and applies to participants, guests, and staff:

  1. Devices used visually:
    Computers, laptops, and any other devices used as computers (i.e. using your phone to check e-mails, or for texting) are to be used only in the dining room, Household Commons, offices, or private rooms.
  2. Devices used with audio:
    Cell phones and other devices used as phones (such as using Zoom on a laptop) are to be used in private rooms and offices, or the Household Commons when not otherwise in use. When MI meeting rooms on the third floor are not in use, you may use these spaces. Please be considerate and respectful of all these spaces. If this proves to be a hardship, please see your program coordinator or Guest Services.
  3. There are no restrictions on the use of electronic devices for studying dharma. Please wear headphones to listen to audio or video.

These policy guidelines are self regulated. We all have the authority and responsibility to ensure that our practice space is free from unnecessary distractions. With a light touch, all of us can remind one another when this policy is not adhered to. If you feel uncomfortable reminding individuals what the policy is, speak with your program coordinator, Department Head, the KOD, or Guest Services to determine what skillful means can be employed.

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