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Mindful Leadership Programs

Eva Wong will be leading a series of three programs on Mindful Leadership. In them, we will take a deep dive into ethical decision-making, considering the good of the whole, as well as learn how to successfully implement those decisions in the context of the real world. In these courses, you will acquire practical skills and techniques that enable you to drive impactful change.

In this context, leadership goes beyond possessing political or corporate influence. As directors, managers, parents, and community members it centers around your ability to make a positive difference in the lives of those around you and the circumstances you encounter.

This series of programs equips individuals with the necessary skills and mindset to impact their personal lives, workplace, and society for the greater good.

What participants are saying

"This feels like the perfect link to connect mindfulness / body / meditation / spiritual work to all aspects of daily life (public, domestic, private, public), and to manifest fully in an embodied way. "

“I found the learning materials to be a great bridge from the ancient wisdom of Zhuge Liang to the current time and culture. They provided a great example of how the teachings might appear in life around us. “

“So many good leadership tools! This makes it possible for me to make the transition to thinking of myself as a leader. I'm not just taking a deep breath and hoping for the best, but actually working with some useful tools.“