Policy & Agreement

What is ROTA?

ROTA is participating in the cleaning and upkeep of Karmê Chöling. These tasks include tidying the Community spaces, washing dishes, and helping with the shrine positions during Meditation sessions.

ROTA could be viewed as simply doing chores, or they can be seen as an opportunity to bring the mindfulness you are practicing into your everyday activity and life.

The time commitment for ROTA is light. Even a staff person generally puts in no more than 5 hours per week.

ROTA Principles:

  1. Everybody at Karmê Chöling offers in some way.
  2. Dish shifts and shrine ROTA are generally shared by everyone.
  3. ROTA is seen as an extension of our commitment to the Karmê Chöling community. We gently hold ourselves and each other accountable to show up and complete our ROTA shifts.
  4. ROTA is part of our community life and is about maintaining our shared-home. If you feel your personal circumstances prevent you from participating in the typical ROTA tasks, you can discuss your situation with the Head of Personnel or the ROTA Coordinator in your program.

Significant Health Issues
Exempt from assigned ROTA, but invited to offer in whatever ways are possible. People needing this exception must discuss their situation with the Head of Personnel.

I understand that ROTA is an integral part of the view and practice of life at Karmê Chöling, and I agree to participate in my time here.



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