Karmê Chöling Meditation Residency

Karme Choling is a residential meditation community founded by Tibetan meditation master Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. It’s both a residence for meditation practitioners and a center that offers Shambhala Buddhist programs, QiGong instruction, Mudra Space Awareness, and Kyudo, or Japanese Archery. 

Living in a meditation community offers the camaraderie and support needed to deepen our practice and progress along our spiritual path as good human beings. 

Nestled in the beautiful green mountains of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, with a one-acre organic garden that teaches regenerative farming techniques, Karmê Chöling is part of the global community of Shambhala, dedicated to awakening our human hearts with kindness, bravery, and genuine dialogue.

December 5 - 6

ONLINE: HOW TO LEAD STRATEGICALLY: The Art of Leading - Strategic Wisdom

with Suzann Duquette and Jane Arthur

Based on a book by Dr. Eva Wong: The art of leading has elegance and beauty. It requires subtlety and knowing how to read people, who to trust and not trust, and how to make use of people?s potentials.

December 12 - 13

(Online) Dakini Wisdom: Revealing the Feminine in Tibetan Buddhism

with Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown

Through an exploration of feminine principle, symbolized by the dakini, the sky-dancing goddess of Tibetan Buddhism, we may access our own vast wisdom beyond gender--and yet discover new meaning in our embodied, passionate lives as women and men.

February 6 - 7, 2021

ONLINE: Lucid Dream Yoga - The Path of Awakening Through Sleep and Dream

with Andrew Holecek

Lucid dreaming offers boundless potential for psychological and spiritual growth, and provides a unique 'night school' to explore the nature of mind and reality.

May 14 - 16, 2021

Being Strategically Kind

with Dr. Eva Wong

Join Eva Wong, translator, scholar, and strategy consultant for a workshop on how to work with challenging environments in a non-aggressive, kind, and cooperative way.

May 16 - 21, 2021

Qigong Practice and Study Retreat - Immortal Lu Dongbin's Classic on Internal Alchemy *

with Dr. Eva Wong

Lu Dongbin's classic Treatise on Internal Alchemy is now translated for the first time and will be the principal text of this practice and study retreat.

Community News

  • Pandemic Potluck for Kids & Families
    Pandemic Potluck for Teens: 4:30 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 25 Around the family dinner table so much juicy “life stuff” happens. Someone hogs all the mashed potatoes, someone is way too loud, someone is way too quiet, another person… Continue reading
  • Daniel Baker Joins the Karmê Chöling Kitchen
    Daniel Baker is Karmê Chöling’s new Kitchen Manager — and what a relief that is. The word from the Dining Room — spoken between bites of garden vegetables, Southwestern chili, green beans and safron rice — is that Daniel has… Continue reading
  • KCL Seeks Director of Operations
    Karmê Chöling is one of the oldest retreat centers in North America and located in the beautiful green hills of rural Vermont. We are at a nexus in our development, having successfully introduced a long term residential program geared primarily… Continue reading
  • Yes: Karmê Chöling Still Offers Programs – and is Expanding Them
    Someone asked on Facebook recently if Karmê Chöling would still be offering programs now that it’s a residential Shambhala community. The first answer is, it never stopped. Our online programming — from Shambhala Training Levels and Dakini Wisdom to Lucid… Continue reading
  • KCL Shrinks its Deficit
    Karmê Chöling has lowered its monthly deficit substantially in the last month by following through on plans to host a Residency program, a financial snapshot compiled last week shows. “Residency has reduced what would have been a $10,000 deficit per… Continue reading
  • Artists in Residence
    A violinist, three writers, an animator and a sewing circle have made a Dharma Arts Space in what was once the Aloka Children’s room at Karme Choling.  The space was refurbished last summer to include sunny new windows and built-in… Continue reading
  • Residency update: 14 and counting
    Eight new residents walked through the Dharma Door Saturday, boosting Karmê Chӧling’s population to 27 and signaling that its transformation into a residential meditation center holds real promise. In April, Executive Director Betsy Railla announced plans for Karmê Chӧling Residency,… Continue reading