Special Funding Available

If you identify as a person of color you may be eligible for special financial support to attend our retreats.

* Indicates program with prerequisites


January 1 - December 31

Online Practice Events at Karme Choling

Practice online with the Karme Choling household.


November 4 - 6

Weapons of Compassion: The Four Karmas (hybrid: in person and online)

with John Rockwell
Tonglen is a powerful, direct way to practice compassion for a world in turmoil. Join us for a weekend of opening our hearts and offering well-being to others.

November 5 - December 3

Moon and Sun: Introduction to Contemplative Haiku and Aesthetics

with John McQuade
ONLINE: Be introduced to an approach to Contemplative Haiku (poetry) emphasizing Nature and 'now'.

November 11 - 18

Daoist Qigong and Meditation Retreat: Qigong Levels 1 & 2

with Instructor: Suzann Duquette
Join us for this 7-day, in-depth retreat of Qigong Levels 1 & 2 and related methods of meditation in the Primordial Limitless Gate lineage of Dr. Eva Wong. Open to All.

November 23 - 27

Thanksgiving Retreat

with Ella Reznikova and Bill Brauer
Buddhist sitting meditation is a direct path to connecting with our inherent human warmth and intuitive wisdom. Join Ella Reznikova and Bill Brauer for this annual Thanksgiving Retreat, Karme Choling's antidote to holiday frenzy. Beginner's welcome.

November 25 - 27

Thanksgiving Retreat - Friday through Sunday Only

with Bill Brauer and Ella Reznikova