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Dr. Eva Wong

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September 2025



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Tuition - $275

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Look up at the clear night sky and we will see a myriad of lights against the darkness of the mysterious Void. We see the order of the constellations and the chaos of galactic dust. We see the waxing and waning moon, a reminder that all things must come and go and that change is an inherent part of the universe. We see the yin of darkness, chaos, and concealment. We see the yang of light, order, and growth. Look at the night sky, and you will see the Tao.

Taoism is a star culture. The stars are the abodes of celestial spirits that guide, bless, and protect us. They also hold the secrets of our destiny. Understand the patterns of the night sky, and we will understand ourselves and our place in the world.

In this program, you will be introduced to the most important constellations in the Taoist sky and their relevance to our lives:

  • The four guardian animals constellations - the Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Phoenix, and Black Tortoise
  • The Seven Stars of the Dipper and the North Pole Star
  • The Six Stars of the Southern Pivot
  • The Grand Duke (Tai Sui), which is the planet Jupiter.

In the Taoist sky, the celestial spirits of the four Guardian Animals protect our habitat and guide our thoughts and actions. The Seven Stars of the Dipper bless our life force and are patrons of our careers. The Six Stars of the Southern Pivot protect us from catastrophes. The Grand Duke rules over our fortunes as we move through each year. The North Pole Star is the reference of a life of stillness in the center of the movement of the celestial web of constellations.

The stars also hold the secrets of our destiny. In this program, you will get a glimpse of how astronomy and Taoist astrology are integrated to chart the path of our destiny in the world of work, home, family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers.

Come and learn how to understand and live under the Taoist skies of guides, protectors, patrons, and keepers of the secrets of our destiny.

Come and experience a special Taoist star-lighting ceremony.

The Taoist sky and its mystery are waiting for you.

The Qigong of Xiantianwujimen Taoism

Xiantianwujimen is a Daoist lineage founded by Chen Xiyi in 10th century China. “Xiantian” means primordial, “wuji” means limitless, and “men” means gate. The translated name of the lineage is Primordial Limitless Gate.

This lineage specializes in using qigong to simultaneously cultivate and transform body and mind. A hermit and household tradition, Xiantianwujimen has been transmitted uninterrupted for over a thousand years. Qigong techniques favored by this lineage include self-massage, tendon changing, calisthenics, marrow washing, and breath regulation.

Instruction of Xiantianwujimen qigong is offered by Eva Wong, a 19th generation carrier of the lineage, and by instructors authorized by the lineage.

For more information on the teachings and programs offered by Xiantianwujimen Daoism please go to


No requirements - This program is OPEN to all.

Arrival & Departure

On Friday, September 12, please arrive 3:00 - 6:00pm for registration.
Dinner will be served at 6:30pm.
The program will officially begin at 7:30pm.

On Sunday, September 14, the program will finish by 6:00pm

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Tuition: $275.00
This is the price of the program, it does not include housing options or material fees.

Please Note:
Price does not include accommodations, which will be added during the registration process.


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Dr. Eva Wong

Eva Wong is a 19th generation lineage carrier of the Nei Dan Pai (internal alchemy) tradition of Xiantianwujimen Daoism and the author of over 17 books on Daoism.

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