Food & Refrigeration for Solitary Cabin Retreats at Karme Choling Meditation Retreat Center, Vermont


While in a Solitary Cabin Retreat

About Food and Refrigeration

  • You are responsible for providing your own provisions for your retreat. Please bring them with you as we are unable to make shopping trips into town to buy supplies for you.
  • Review the Food Suggestions below. They may give you some helpful ideas.
  • Bring enough non-perishables to last the whole retreat. Plan on having them with you in your cabin from the beginning.
  • Some perishables will go into retreat with you initially. For retreats longer than 10 nights, more perishables can be stored in the Retreats Department refrigerator or freezer at the Main House. These can be delivered to you by a pre-arranged schedule. Be sure to make arrangements with the Retreats Master for your food to be delivered on specific dates.
  • We are happy to offer organic produce from our garden during our growing season of June-October. The produce comes in CSA style boxes. You never know what you’ll get in a box, but the Retreat Master can send you a list of the most current garden produce if you ask by email a week before your retreat.
    Please let the Retreat Master know at least a week in advance if you want to buy a produce box from the garden.

Be sure to bring enough cash with you to buy the food or supplies you are planning to get from Karmê Chöling. We are unable to cash checks for you.

Retreat Food Suggestions

Since you will work with your mind in retreat, it is inevitable that you will also work with your body. Eat simple and healthy food, easy to prepare.

Vegetables: Leafy vegetables: lettuce, spinach, cabbage, kale, chard, collard greens, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, sprouts, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cucumbers.

Root vegetables: Carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips, yams, daikon, beets, onions, ginger.

Fruits: Apples, pears, bananas, oranges, grapefruit, grapes, peaches, avocadoes, tomatoes.

Dairy: Cheese, eggs, butter, milk, yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, mayonnaise.

Dry Goods: Pasta, rice (brown, white), oats, quinoa, kamut, spelt, millet.

Canned goods: beans, tuna, salmon, sardines, oysters, soups.

Cereals: muesli, granola, instant hot cereals

Carbs: Bread, crackers, rice cakes, cookies, chocolate.

Beverages: Boxed soy, hemp and rice milk; boxed and bottled juices; teas, coffee, and cocoa.

Condiments: (We do not supply any condiments other than salt and pepper)
Honey, sesame oil, olive oil, vinegar, jam, peanut butter, almond butter, tahini, tamari, soy sauce, mustard, ketchup.

Regarding meat: If you decide to bring meat into retreat, bring it in frozen, and consume relatively early in your retreat. If your retreat is greater than 10 nights in length, you can store extra meat servings in the Retreats freezer in the basement before going into retreat and this can be delivered with your food delivery.

Miscellaneous: Nuts, dried fruits, tofu, tempeh, miso, dry or fresh herbs, bottled salad dressing

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