Solitary cabin retreats at Karme Choling meditation retreat center, Vermont

Solitary Cabin Retreats

Find solitude in nature
Connect deeply with your mindfulness meditation
Experience the wisdom of your own mind

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Learn about a solitary cabin retreat at Karme Choling meditation retreat center, Vermont

The Sound of Solitary Retreat

Get a taste of retreat life in one of Karmê Chöling's Solitary Retreat Cabins

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Cabin Retreats

Why do a solitary cabin retreat

At Karmê Chöling?

Inspiration for meditation at Karmê Chöling meditation retreat center

You need a place free from distractions

You’re looking for a quiet space with more structure than a meditation retreat at home can offer you, yet you also need the flexibility to create your own independent solo retreat.
These retreat cabins are designed to be disruption free while allowing you to deepen your contemplative or meditation study & practice.

Insight & inspiration at Karme Choling meditation retreat center in Vermont

You're looking for insight and realization

Although it is important to be mindful and bring your meditation practice into everyday life, you also know there is a magic in taking time to meditate in solitary seclusion. It is here that you can take a deep look at your habitual patterns and discover a deeper truth about yourself.

A 50 year tradition

Supporting meditation practice

50 years of meditation at Karme Choling meditation retreat center, Vermont

Practitioners from Shambhala and other Tibetan Buddhist lineage traditions have come to Karmê Chöling’s beautiful residential retreat center for over 50 years. Those who make the pilgrimage to our lands are searching for everything from guided buddhist meditation and intro to Buddhism courses, to more advanced solitary retreats where they can learn to deepen their understanding of the mind.

This land and its retreat cabins have been blessed by many great teachers and have been ripened by the self awareness meditation practice of generations of retreatants.

Buddha statue with reflection

Let Solitude Be Your Mirror

The most fundamental aggression to ourselves, the most fundamental harm we can do to ourselves, is to remain ignorant by not having the courage and the respect to look at ourselves honestly and gently.

Pema Chödrön

A Cabin Retreat

At Karmê Chöling

Karme Choling meditation retreat center, Vermont, pond at dawn

Settle into a cozy cabin in a tranquil yet powerful forest setting
Our secluded cabin retreats in the Green Mountains of Vermont bring you the peace and quiet you need to sink into your meditation practice or contemplative discipline.

Find the sanctity you need for deep reflection
Leave the constant noise and distraction of your daily life behind. Let go of the addiction to busyness and reconnect with your mind while you embrace self awareness through meditation.

Experience Insight & Realization
Insight may occur suddenly, feeling sharp and penetrating. Or it may be a subtle shift in perspective, with a heightened sense of mindfulness in real life for days, weeks or years after your retreat. However it happens, this is a time for intense inner realization and discovery.

Solitary retreat cabin at Karme Choling meditation retreat center, Vermont

Eva Wong Cabin Walk:

Power Spot at Nirmanakaya

In 2019, Eva Wong — a Fengshui consultant for spiritual practice centers worldwide — took a tour of Karme Choling’s retreat cabins with the retreat master, Julia Persch, and the retreats assistant, Mike de Give. Here is an excerpt of the conversation at the retreat cabin called Nirmanakaya.
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Solitary retreat cabin sign at Karme Choling meditation retreat center, Vermont

An Uneventful Walk in the Snow
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Jim Pierce is OK - Retreat cabin article from Karme Choling meditation retreat center, Vermont

Jim Pierce is OK in Great Eastern Sun
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What to expect

Community Support, Meditation Instruction, & Sacred World

Community support for solitary retreatants at Karme Choling Meditation Retreat Center, Vermont


Community support for solitary retreatants
Although this is a solitary retreat in a secluded cabin up in the woods, we continue to make deliveries and check in on you as needed or as you request. It might feel like you are completely by yourself, but we are there to provide you with water, perishables you have stored down at the house, specific Vajrayana practice shrine setups and other needs.

Meditation instructions available for cabin retreatants at Karme Choling meditation retreat center, Vermont


Receive formal meditation instruction
You can ask to have one of our qualified meditation instructors visit you at your cabin while you are on retreat. These instructions can range from basic Buddhist sitting meditation to Tonglen or Sending-and-receiving, to specific Vajrayana practices. This is an opportunity to discuss questions that may have arisen for you during your solitary cabin retreat, to clarify the view or receive further instructions on the practice that you are doing.

Sacred World at Karme Choling meditation retreat center, Vermont


Step into a world created by generations of practitioners
Our retreat cabins have been here on the land for many years. Meditators of many skill levels and contemplative practices have used them to achieve insight and realization. It is in these cabins that structure and discipline can join with the freedom of space to allow you to delve deeper into your practice and discover the subtleties of your own mind.

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Solitary Cabin Retreat

Our Solitary Retreat Cabins

Shrine rooms in the woods

Yeshe retreat cabin Karme Choling meditation retreat center Vermont
Vraishravhana retreat cabin Karme Choling meditation retreat center Vermont
Scorpion Seal retreat cabin Karme Choling meditation retreat center Vermont
Scorpion Seal
Nirmanakaya retreat cabin Karme Choling meditation retreat center Vermont
Nagarjuna retreat cabin Karme Choling meditation retreat center Vermont
Great Eastern Sun retreat cabin Karme Choling meditation retreat center Vermont
Great Eastern Sun
Dhritarashtra retreat cabin Karme Choling Meditation Retreat Center Vermont


For Solitary Cabin Retreats

Requirements for cabin retreats at Karme Choling meditation retreat center, Vermont
  1. Completion of at least two weeks (continuously or separate) of a silent group meditation retreat. This can either be a Shambhala Buddhist retreat or a retreat from another tradition as long as the retreat focuses on shamatha-vipashyana meditation.
  2. An established daily meditation practice of at least one year (i.e. you practice meditation in daily life).
  3. A letter of recommendation from your meditation instructor.
  4. An advance meeting with your meditation instructor to discuss retreat plans: view, intention, practice, daily schedule, and study materials.

Cost & Fees

Create the retreat you want for the time you want

Solitary Cabin Retreat Fee:
$150 surcharge maintenance fee plus
$30-$55 per night depending on which cabin and how long you stay.

Retreat Cabins include:

  • Basic shrine setup
  • Meditation cushions & puja table
  • Single bed with linen
  • Two burner propane stove
  • Dishes & cookware
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Propane wall lamp
  • Ice chest
  • Delivery of water and ice
  • Wood stove and firewood
  • Meetings with meditation instructor

You will need to provide:

  • Candles & incense for the shrine
  • Food you will prepare for your meals
  • Your specific practice materials
  • Toiletries

Our rustic cabins in the woods do not have indoor plumbing or electricity.
Wireless communication devices, laptops, or cell phones are not supported, unless they are used strictly for dharma study or medical reasons.

Feel free to reach out to our Retreat Master Mike de Give at with any questions you have concerning the retreat cabins

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Solitary Cabin Retreats

Retreat Cabin Pricing
Number of nightsCost per night
5-6 nights
7-10 nights
11-28 nights
29-56 nights
57+ nights
Sample Prices - Regular Cabins
NightsPer nightCostMaint. FeeTotal
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Solitary Cabin Retreats

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Siddhartha "awakened" as the Buddha...

during a solitary retreat. At some point, we all have to take time off from our complicated life in order to penetrate the surface of our busy mind.

Buddha sitting under the Bodhi Tree.

Support your journey of self-discovery and reflection by joining us at Karmê Chöling. The forms and structure we maintain are the result of 2500 years of Buddhist knowledge and tradition, and point to the fundamental nature of mind and our connection to the world.

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