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In 2019, Eva Wong — a Fengshui consultant for spiritual practice centers worldwide — took a tour of Karme Choling’s retreat cabins with the retreat master, Julia Persch, and the retreats assistant, Mike de Give. Here is an excerpt of the conversation at the retreat cabin called Nirmanakaya.


A lush cover of lychopods outside Nirmanaka.

Julia: I love these (referring to a covering of lush, green plants).

Eva: They’re coniferous, for sure.

Julia: Yeah, they’re called lycopods. They’re an ancestor of coniferous trees.

Eva. Right. This is an old species, for sure.

Eva: OK, well, this has good sky energy. Decent.

Julia. Good.

Eva: I think this is actually a very friendly cabin.

Julia: Yeah, very.

Eva: It doesn’t have … it’s not close to water so you don’t have the naga energy, which many beginning people would get a little scared of. And it’s not dark, has some sky energy, and is not exposed. So I would recommend this as really an all-purpose (cabin). … So the energy is very plain, but friendly.

Julia: Accommodating.

Eva: Accommodating energy. It’s almost like the neighbor next door, who is friendly … This is very approachable energy. I would assign somebody who’s just doing it the first time or second time, a short retreat. I would say this is the best.

Julia: This is the one, it’s the first-time or short retreat cabin also.

Eva: OK, so this is very friendly. I like this. This is very good for first-time people. Not a lot of dark areas around it. But the main thing is that there is some very good energy right there. (some rocks 15 or so feet from the north east corner).

Julia. OK.

Eva: There ought to be a very strong power spot right in there.

Julia: So I’m just saying this for the recording, this is on the left of the cabin, in the heap of rock.

Mike: Well, to the right as you are facing the cabin.

Julia: Yeah.

Power Spot Nirmanakaya

Nirmanakaya’s power spot among nearby rocks has energy good for contemplating.

Mike: So should we make this more accessible?

Eva: No. I think that people need to know. It’s very accessible now. Power spots are very natural, so we don’t want to clean it up too much. Because if you clean it up too much, a lot of the wild energy is gone. So, you see, lichen, the moss marks it … so maybe, in the future, just clear this a little [points to some fern around it].

Mike: OK

Eva: And uhm, don’t know, maybe put a little bench or something like this. Yeah.

Mike: So what should we tell people about this area?

Eva: You should tell people that those rocks have energy.

Mike: OK

Eva: And there is power. And if they wish to be able to find the spot and do some contemplative (work), yeah, they can be here.


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