What to bring to a solitary cabin retreat at Karme Choling Meditation Retreat Center, Vermont

What to Bring

On a Solitary Cabin Retreat

Updated 2021

Karmê Chöling is situated at 605 feet elevation east of the Green Mountains of Vermont.
Be prepared for variable and unpredictable weather!
Please review “ Retreat Cabin Inventory” to understand what you will find in your cabin!
Here are some things to remember to bring with you for your retreat.

Any time of the year:

  • Medications, and your preferred First Aid items (see cabin inventory for what is in
    the kit).
  • Battery-operated LED reading lamp or headlamp with a bright white light.
  • Your toiletries; wet wipes can be handy.
  • Lip balm, sun screen
  • Battery-operated alarm clock.
  • We supply cloth rags for cleaning, no paper towels.
  • Cash for buying food items from Karmê Chöling for longer retreats; we do not do
    town trips.

Colder months:

  • Warm slippers.
  • Sturdy boots with good lug soles.
  • Yak tracks, or some other device to attach to the underside of your boots to
    prevent slipping.
  • Warm coat, hat, mittens and/or gloves, scarf.

In deep winter:

  • Snow boots with lug soles are a must .
  • Layers of clothing .
  • If traveling by car, consider bringing a small rug .
  • Hot water bottle .
  • Hot cocoa and other warm comfort food.

Warmer months:

  • Raincoat, rain hat, galoshes.
  • Hiking shoes or boots with lug soles; sneakers.
  • Even in the summer the evenings can be cool; please bring a warm jacket and
  • Insect repellent: Although we provide some insect repellent, it may not be a brand
    suitable for you.
  • For a cabin retreat May-October we recommend
    • Buying insect-repellent clothing OR
    • Treating a set of light colored outdoor clothing and shoes with Permethrin in order to repel ticks. The retreats staff uses Permethrin Gators, or treated sleaves that you wear over pant legs.
    • Please be aware that Permethrin in liquid form is toxic for aquatic life and for cats. Once it is dried, the clothing is safe to wear on bare skin.


  • All vajrayana chants, and your liturgies and sadhanas
  • All offering substances for the shrine (candles, incense, charcoal, saffron, ink,
    sake, dutsi etc.).
  • Cord to repair broken mala or an extra mala.

Food and beverages:

  • You are responsible for purchasing and bringing to retreat all your own food.
  • Bring into retreat all the drygoods and non-perishables you’ll need for your retreat.
    Plain water for drinking and cooking is provided.
  • Karmê Chöling’s one-acre organic garden provides boxes of produce for $25 per
    box during the growing season, June-October. You can order a box or more for
    your retreat with fresh seasonal produce. A box should last a week.
    These foods are alive and full of flavor. You never quite know what you get in a box, but the Retreat Master can send you a list of the most current garden produce if you ask by email a week before your retreat.

    Let the Retreat Master know if you want to order a box at least a week in advance
    of your arrival day.

Don’t forget these if you want them – they are not supplied:

  • Incense, lhasang substances, charcoal, tea for the protector offerings.
  • Votive candles or tea lights (votives or tall cylinder candles encased in glass only
    – tapers or column candles are not permitted).
  • Practice implements, gong.
  • Liturgies.
  • Any first aid materials other than what is provided (see cabin inventory).

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