Great Eastern Sun

This cabin is perched on a steep wooded slope in view of the Purkhang. Although it is one of the smaller cabins, the interior feels particularly harmonious, with the shrine featured prominently and the kitchen and bed tucked into their own little niches. Surrounded by tall oak and maple trees, it is shaded and cool in summer. During the winter it feels protected in its elevated location. Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s mother, Lady Kunchok, always chose this cabin for retreat while she lived at Karme Choling.

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Overlooking the Purkhang from a distance, Great Eastern Sun is surrounded by maples and oaks.
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Great Eastern Sun is atop a hill above Thögal Ridge, home of summertime lhasangs and herds of deer.

Great Eastern Sun is a lovely spot to witness the colors of Autumn.

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