White Tara


White Tara Practice

At Karmê Chöling

White Tara, is the beloved bodhisattvas of compassion, whose practice is observed by all four schools of Tibetan Buddhism. She is a loving motherly figure, whom it is said came from the tears shed by Avalokiteshvara as he looked upon the suffering of the world. In her peaceful white form, Tara witnesses this suffering through her seven eyes. These include an eye on her forehead which sees the unity of ultimate reality, two eyes on her face which perceive the relative dualistic world, and an eye on each of the palms of her hands and soles of her feet showing that all of her actions are governed by her wisdom and compassion. Her expression is one of utmost loving kindness.

White Tara soothes fears, calms anguished minds and heals the suffering of both individuals and communities. She is said to promote long life, prosperity and health through her enlightened activities. Her practice is especially well suited for times when there are domestic or community turmoil, disharmony, or health issues. 

This version of White Tara practice, composed years ago by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, includes meditation, mantras and visualizations. It is helpful to have some familiarity with these elements but is not necessary to be able to practice the sadhana. White Tara can be used as a daily supplication by any practitioner, not just tantrikas. 

Join the Karmê Chöling household for the White Tara practice during our Tuesday evening practice session. See our current list of dates for this practice below.