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Taking Care of Body & Mind

With Qigong and Daoist Meditation: A Retreat Series

Introducing a New Series

The Caring for Body & Mind Retreats

To be able to live a healthy, contented, and long life - who wouldn’t want that?
The practice of caring for ourselves has been part of the Taoist arts of health and longevity for millennia. With increasing demands in our everyday life, self-care is more relevant than ever in helping us meet life’s challenges as well as appreciate gifts of good living.

In many ways, self-care can be understood as a form of Preventative Medicine. We take care of ourselves so that health problems can be minimized.

Our life energy is ours to nourish and protect. Our consciousness is ours to enrich. Our lifestyle is ours to direct.

The Three Taoist Pillars of Self-Care

Join us in a new series of retreats that feature the Three Taoist Pillars of Self-Care: Qigong, Meditation, and Lifestyle.

Nourish your life energy with qigong practices, enrich your consciousness with meditation, enhance your awareness with outdoor activities, and learn how to develop a lifestyle that embraces simplicity, clarity, and stillness.

Instructions in Qigong, Meditation & Lifestyle

What you will get in this series:

  • Instruction in Primordial Limitless Gate (Xiantianwujimen) Qigong.
  • Instruction in forms of Taoist meditation that support the practice of qigong.
  • Exploration of Taoist classics pertinent to the practice of the Taoist health arts.
  • Tools for living a lifestyle that supports physical health and mental well-being.
  • Awareness training in the natural environment.
  • Experiences of sharing and appreciating a community of practitioners like you.

All instruction and guided practice are conducted by an authorized instructor of Xiantianwujimen Qigong.

Who can benefit from this Self-care Series:

  • First-time participants who would like to be introduced to Qigong levels in an enhanced way that incorporates qigong and Taoist meditation with a focus on lifestyle.
  • Those who wish to review what they have learned and would like to receive instruction in forms of Taoist meditation that support qigong practice.
  • Veteran practitioners who want to experience qigong, meditation, and lifestyle in a retreat setting.

Learning Taoist Self-care Practices

What you will take away from this series:

  • Qigong practices that will help you build and maintain a healthy body.
  • Meditation techniques that cultivates mental clarity and support the flow of internal energy.
  • Lifestyle tools that will help you live a life of balance, clarity, and simplicity.
  • Care for yourself in your own time, in your own space.

Self-care Programs in this Series

Currently at this time:

  1. Relaxing Your Body & Mind and Balancing Your Life - an enhanced Qigong 1 and 2 Retreat
  2. Strengthening Your Generative Energy and Building Bone Marrow with Qigong and Taoist Meditation - enhanced Qigong 3 Retreat.