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Miriam Jones

Adam Rumack

Gala Narezo

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15th 7pm - 17th 2pm


19th 7am - 21st 2pm


21st 7am - 23rd 2pm

March 2024


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Self Transforming Organizations

A series of workshops that will assist you to create strong organizations that can adapt and thrive through change.

Workshop 1: Listening Circles - Building the Foundations for Change

Workshop 2: Turning Conflict into Creativity

Workshop 3: Power that Aligns

Organizational change is difficult, but necessary. Open Circle helped our entire organization and community shift the way we work to create a healthier culture that allowed us to find new opportunities, expand, test ideas, and ultimately transform ourselves to become a stronger organization.

Brad Pickle, Executive Director, Illuman

Open Circle’s unique transformational journey builds teams and organizations that are Self-Tranforming and can shift culture and grow through change.

In 2024 Karmê Chöling will host a series of three training workshops by founders of Open Circle that will hone the skills and capacities of leaders, change makers, and facilitators to lead this transformational process in communities and organizations they are a part of.

To thrive in rapidly changing environments there needs to be a capacity for:

  • Deep listening and new forms of collaboration
  • Harnessing diversity for solutions beyond what is currently imagined
  • Structural reinvention from within the organization

These courses will enable and empower leaders and teams in new forms of management designed to create cohesion, resilience and creativity through change.

The New Skills Required

Facilitating movement through change by creating cohesive and resilient groups, teams and organizations.

This package of training, coaching and online resources will develop new skills in leaders to create cohesive and resilient teams and organizations through change.

Learn practical processes to:

  • Build a foundation of safety and trust
  • Create an organizational culture of learning
  • Share clarity of mission
  • Build self efficacy in your leaders and teams
  • Turn tension and conflict into tools for transformation and new growth
  • Align your decision making and processes to your mission
  • Build adaptable organizational structures that can adapt to ongoing change

Like nothing I have ever seen before, especially in a Business Organizational context. This is the best investment in professional development I’ve ever seen made in any organization.

Jeff Eckman, Founder, Blue Green Analytics

A Three Workshop Series

Each workshop has an online on-demand component consisting of 8 hours of videos, resources and exercises, to be completed before the in-person workshop.

Workshop One: Foundations: The LIstening Circle
Listening Circles build cultures of safety and trust

Workshop Two: Turning Conflict into Creativity
Tension and conflict as a transformational tool

Workshop Three: Power that Aligns
Aligning decision making and organizational structures to mission

Open Circle Hybrid Training Approach

Open Circle leadership and team training blend in-person learning with online resources. This helps participants make the most of the in-person time together, and assist them in integrating the work into their daily habits.

On Demand - introduction to theories and concepts

Available upon registration, and 3 months after each workshop:
Organized curriculum of videos, presentations, exercises, comprehension check quizzes and additional readings and resources. This curriculum provides concepts, theories, and science behind the work that will be practiced live

Live Workshops - practicums that give in depth experience and coaching to apply principles in their context. Live workshops and coaching sessions integrate theory into the practice which involves “hands-on” practical and scenario based learning.

Who is Open Circle?

The mission of Open Circle is to transform organizations and communities into thriving ecosystems for the greater good of humanity.

Open Circle has an integrated approach to personal, professional and organizational development which is adaptive depending on the current challenges and environment.

Open Circle supports leaders, teams and organizations to:

  • Inspire meaning, purpose and vision
  • Strengthen mission goals through team cohesion
  • Transend outdated assumptions around management and leadership
  • Learn to adapt in complex and rapidly changing global ecosystems
  • Facilitate brave spaces to support diversity in collaboration and innovation
  • Cultivate tools for working with conflict to generate creativity
  • Build relationships attuned to power, process and action
  • Lead collective decision-making aligned to impact and outcome

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Karmê Chöling values its commitment to making programs affordable and available to all who wish to study with us. To support this commitment we provide two program price options.

Generosity Price: $2,850.00
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Tuition: $2,400.00
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Payment Policies:
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Miriam Jones
Miriam Jones

Co-Founder Open Circle and Open Circle Foundation
LinkedIn Profile

Miriam is known as a thought leader in the area of transformational education, cultural change, and leadership. After developing a dual interest in business and education, Miriam began designing and delivering leadership programs and change efforts for organizations across the globe. Miriam is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded and led several organizations, from not-for-profits to corporations to co-operatives.

In efforts to look for new forms that could inform her organizational work and the changes she was witnessing in the world, Miriam turned her focus to learning forms influenced by indigenous nature-based cultures and societies: circle listening and healing practices, circle governance and rite of passage, and nature-based rituals.

Miriam has worked with clients across industries and right across the Globe, including The Ojai Foundation, Esalen, PWC, Bank of America, Snapchat, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Coates, Coca-Cola Amatil, Ernst & Young, PWC and Westpac.

Adam Rumack
Adam Rumack

Co-Founder Open Circle and Open Circle Foundation
LinkedIn Profile

Adam is an entrepreneur, wilderness guide, educator, facilitator, and organizational consultant with a background in executive leadership. He is passionate about creating communities and organizations that thrive through the wisdom of the natural world (both human and more-than-human)

He has worked widely in California State prisons, training group facilitators; helped develop an on-boarding and wellness program for Snapchat and Sunny & 72 in Los Angeles; has offered training for Canva, The Rites of Passage Institute, and the Centre for Men in Australia; and worked on a wide variety of cultural change projects for organizations including: Bluegreen, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, Illuman, Born and Bred Brands, Wilderness Torah, Kalmiopsis Wild, and Kinfolk Properties.

He has a strong business development focus with a MBA focused in International Leadership and Management from Monterey Institute of International Studies, Fisher Graduate School of International Business. He is a Minds at Work Certified Coach candidate, National Outdoor Leadership School Wilderness First Responder. He volunteers as a Curry County Search and Rescue Team Member and as Vice-chair of the Curry Watersheds Council Non-profit.

Gala Narezo
Gala Narezo

Consultant & Facilitator
Gala Narezo is a facilitator, educator, activist and mindfulness instructor who is committed to mindful change-making. In her groups she uses storytelling, mindfulness, art and circle practice as guiding principles. She has collaborated with a variety of amazing partners on transformational education through awareness campaigns, public art, curricula and transformational media. She has degrees from Yale University and Art Center College of Design. She recently completed an M.A. in Art Education at City College of New York CUNY. She has done extensive training and practice in circle based facilitation running weekly groups online and live retreats in the USA and Mexico.

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