Death Nesting Through Living

A 4-Day Retreat

Death Nesting
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Director: Anne-Marie Keppel

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December 2023



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Heading into the very darkest time of the year makes way for a beautiful opening to contemplate dying and death. Creating space to gather with others in a safe and uplifted environment is a deeply nourishing way to explore the preciousness of life. Through discussions, contemplations and meditative practices we will open to curiosity and the groundless feeling of "not knowing."

Though the topics may feel heavy, or uncomfortable, humor is always incorporated into how Anne-Marie leads groups. Participants are invited to drop all expectations and arrive gently, humbly and ready to engage in living.

Recommended reading in advance of the retreat: 

"Death Nesting: The Heart-Centered Practices of a Death Doula" by Anne-Marie Keppel. Copies will be available at the retreat as well.

Contemplations & Meditations - Weekend

During the weekend portion of the retreat (Dec. 8-10th) we will engage in activities and exercises which include:

  • Dissolution practice (meditation for dissolving into the elements)
  • Perimeter practice (contemplations on distancing emotions from the physical body)
  • Sensory exploration
  • Mindful nourishment practice
  • Tonglen for self and other
  • Readying the mind for Advance Directive work
  • Laugh therapy

Extended Days

While the weekend portion of the program will focus on the aspects of death nesting for oneself, the extended days (Dec. 11-12th) will open the gateway toward caring for another who is entering the phases of transitioning out of the body. We will discuss specific chapters of the book Death Nesting: The Heart Centered Practices of a Death Doula.

Activities and Discussions:

  • Caring for another through the dying process
  • Opening sacred space
  • Discomforts during caregiving
  • Extended journaling time
  • Space to wander the beautiful land

Participants will leave the retreat with an expanded vocabulary, confidence for engaging in conversations around death and dying and feel refreshed and awake.

Whether or not you have previously or are currently caring for one who is dying, these trainings and discussions will enhance your everyday living experiences while also mentally preparing you for times in the future.

Though tears are welcome and will certainly flow, this program is not recommended for those who are actively grieving or for one who has received a recent diagnosis that feels acutely traumatizing.

We are also offering a shorter version of this program:

Death Nesting Through Living: A Weekend Retreat

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Anne Marie Keppel
Director: Anne-Marie Keppel

Anne-Marie Keppel is an international speaker, award-winning author and death doula educator. She has decades experience working with the elderly as a nurse assistant and has taught hundreds of students in the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe. One of her two upcoming books is a compilation of plays on death and dying as means of educating students on the many roles that people (and places and objects) play in the end of life experience. As a healer and intuitive she discovered great trust, love and healing discipline through her own experience with breast cancer. She is a green burial and funeral guide, Reiki Master, mother of three, and lifelong meditator.

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