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Dear KCL Friends,

There has been such a flurry of activity around KCL!
This week we are excited to welcome our first Warriors Assembly back on the land in five years! Much preparation has gone into making the various spaces and rooms ready for the staff and participants and we look forward to seeing everyone.

Next, we have added in two major retreats this winter, geared to students and young people. We are offering special pricing and scholarships on these retreats to make them more affordable for this age group. See info on these programs below.

Lastly, we are trying out this newsletter on our blog for the first time. Let me know what you think of the changes at

Taking Care of Body & Mind

Qigong, Daoist Meditation & Lifestyle

The practice of caring for ourselves has been part of the Taoist arts of health and longevity for millennia. With increasing demands in our everyday life, self-care is more relevant than ever in helping us meet life’s challenges as well as appreciating the gifts of good living.

In many ways, self-care can be understood as a form of Preventative Medicine. We take care of ourselves so that health problems can be minimized.

Join us for this new series of holistic mind/body retreats, Taking Care of Body & Mind, These retreats feature the Three Taoist Pillars of Self-Care: Qigong, Meditation, and Lifestyle.

The first retreat in the series is Relaxing Your Mind & Body and Balancing Your Life
with Instructors Suzann Duquette & Heidi Meyer-Bothling

Special guest speaker Dr. Eva Wong
Nov. 4 - 10

During this 6-day retreat there will be ample time for meditation, contemplation, discussions of healthy lifestyle choices, nature walks, sensory exercises and of course qigong.

Learn more and register:

Balance Your Life

If you would like to continue on from "Balancing Your Life" into the weekend, there is a Qigong Level 3 program that follows directly afterwards.

The Gourd & Cauldron
with instructor Beth Latchis
Nov. 10 - 12

Enter to Win a 10-Day Cabin Retreat

'I assembled the Solitary Retreats Team yesterday to tell them “my” idea about a drawing, in which participants can win a 10-day cabin retreat.

We met in the Great Meadow, where a frog I’ve come to know sat in silence near the creek, not even blinking. Together with the three does and yearling twins foraging in deep grass, we officially had a quorum.

“Guys, we have two new executive directors in the House, and have to look like we are being innovative,” I explained. ... '

Young Adults Winter Retreat

Special Guests Speakers (TBA)
Jan. 6 - 14

Join us for this mindfulness retreat geared to students and young adults. In addition to mindfulness activities, we will hear about socially-engaged dharma from a diverse team of guest speakers, learn valuable tools and techniques to use in our daily life, and explore what it means to 'wake up' collectively.

Learn more and register:

Death Nesting Through Living

Death Nesting

with Anne-Marie Keppel, author of "Death Nesting: The Heart-Centered Practices of a Death Doula"
Dec. 8 - 10 or Dec. 8 - 12

Heading into the very darkest time of the year makes way for a beautiful opening to contemplate dying and death. Creating space to gather with others in a safe and uplifted environment is a deeply nourishing way to explore the preciousness of life. Through discussions, contemplations and meditative practices we will open to curiosity and the groundless feeling of "not knowing."

Through our explorations you will develop an expanded vocabulary and confidence for engaging in conversations around death and dying and leave the retreat feeling refreshed and awake.

Learn more and register:

Join the KCL Family for a Thanksgiving Retreat!

with Bill Brauer & Caroline Demaio
Nov. 22 - 26 or Nov. 18 - 26

Enjoy this Thanksgiving and sink into your meditation practice, joining in with the Karme Choling family for a holiday feast. Bill Brauer will lead us in mindfulness meditation and Caroline Demaio will guide us in Tai Chi.

New meditators - receive meditation instruction from seasoned teachers in a supportive environment
Experienced meditators - deepen your practice in a rich and gentle space

There is your choice of either a 5-day or 9-day retreat!
Learn more and register:

A Winter Retreat at Karmê Chöling

with Eve Rosenthal & Basia Solarz
Dec. 26 - Jan. 1

During this darkest time of the year, with its restriction of light and movement, it is traditional to reflect on the previous year, gather the insights it offers and envision the new year ahead. Join us for this opportunity to connect with oneself and others through meditation, reflection, conversation and embodiment practices in the winter wonderland of Karmê Chöling!

(Also, see below our Winter Youth Retreat that runs concurrently from Dec. 27 - Jan. 1.)

Learn More and register:

Winter Youth Retreat

Concurrent with Letting Go and Letting Come

Dec. 27 - Jan. 1

The teachings on awareness and warriorship offer youth an opportunity to slow down, learn about oneself, and open one's heart to others.

During this long-weekend retreat, we will explore what it looks like to lead our lives from the understanding that every person is fundamentally good and that we have the potential to manifest as Enlightened Society. Together we will create a culture that encourages our innate qualities of kindness, wisdom, and strength.

(Held concurrently with the Letting Go and Letting Come retreat.)
Learn more and register:


Winter Weekthün
Jan 13 - 21

Winter Half Dathün
Jan 6 - 21

Five Wisdom Energies
with Irini Rockwell
May 24 - June 2

Tai Chi
with Joseph Pascutazz
Jan - March

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