In-House Retreats

Year-round Meditation Retreats for Individuals and Groups

Experienced meditators are welcome year-round to deepen their personal practice and study at Karmê Chöling, supported by our resident community. 

Because of COVID-19 requirements, the minimum stay for an in-house retreat is one month, which will include a two-week quarantine at our off-land residence, Ashoka Bhavan.

In-house retreats are terrific for individuals or small practice groups who want to temporarily immerse themselves in a Shambhala land center and its rhythm and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Karmê Chöling’s woods, fields and river in a self-guided retreat.  

Consider a schedule that could include daily chants and practice sessions with the resident community, dining together and sharing in a light, daily ROTA/work shift. 

Or choose to do a semi-solitary retreat, practicing in your room, keeping noble silence, fetching your meals to eat in solitude and going for contemplative hikes in nature.

Groups who would like to do a self-organized and self-conducted retreat (be it Shamatha/Viphashyana or Vajrayana practices) are also welcome to contact us; we can provide  a separate meditation space along with specific shrine materials and any advice or recommendations around planning and accommodating.

Any time of the year is ideal for an In-House Retreat at Karmê Chöling.  Summers are more outwardly energetic and lively and winter is deeply peaceful, snug and inward-facing.  Spring and fall are bridges of transition and revelatory in their own unique ways. Regardless of when you choose to come, you will be warmly supported. We are grateful for your presence in joining the almost 50-year tradition of people coming here for deep retreat.

Schedule, Practice Environment and Amenities

The daily schedule of an in-house retreat must contain a component of sitting meditation and study. You may include hiking, physical exercises, writing and other contemplative art forms in your retreat. The meditation rooms of the Karmê Chöling residents are open to retreatants, who are also welcome to participate in daily practice hours, occasional classes and special events. Meals are shared in the dining room. Retreatants are asked to join once a day in washing dishes, cleaning, or other simple chores.

During the Summer Session from May-October, Karmê Chöling primarily hosts larger programs with a constant ebb and flow of visiting guests from all over the world. The house rides a steady heartbeat of change between quiet and lively atmospheres.

In the Winter Session from November-April, Karmê Chöling is not hosting any programs. This allows for a more settled, contemplative, and inward-focused practice environment. The resident community concentrates more on meditation practice and dharma study while caring for retreatants in the house and in solitary cabins.

Bedrooms with a simple set-up for individual practice may be available if you wish to do a mostly solitary in-house retreat.

 If your desire is for strict solitary practice in a cabin in the woods, then please read about our Solitary Cabin Retreats.

Program sessions and teachings are not open to in-house retreatants unless specified by our Programs Department, in which case a larger invitation will be issued to the local sangha on a case-by-case basis.

Prerequisites for doing any independent in-house retreat are:

  • You must be a member or friend of Shambhala;
  • Completion of at least one week of silent, group sitting meditation retreat, for example a weekthün or part of a dathün, Vipassana retreat or Seshin;
  • Established daily meditation practice of at least one year;
  • The ability and discipline to do a self-directed meditation retreat; and 
  • A written recommendation from a meditation instructor or senior teacher.

We offer:

  • An environment conducive to deep meditation practice, reconnecting with human nature and the beauty of the outdoors;
  • The friendly support of the resident staff;
  • A meeting with a meditation instructor (if requested in advance);
  • The use of the staff meditation rooms with times of group practice and solitary practice;
  • A separate meditation room for group retreats;
  • Participation in classes and events of the resident staff;
  • 700 acres with beautiful hiking trails and an organic vegetable garden;
  • An extensive library that includes audio/video with Buddhist and Shambhala teachings for all levels of meditation practice and a digital archive exclusively available at Karmê Chöling; and
  • Good healthy food.

Pricing and Reservations

To schedule your individual in-house retreat, please email Retreats or call (802) 633-2384 ext. 3122.

To start planning your group in-house retreat, please email Group Retreats or call (802)633-2384 ext. 3101.

The price includes an in-house retreat fee, which covers all meals and amenities, plus a fee for housing of your choice.

In-house Retreat Fee: $25 per night

Because of COVID-19 requirements, the current minimum stay for an in-house retreat is one month, which will include a two-week quarantine at our off-land residence, Ashoka Bhavan, or in a solitary retreat cabin.

Housing Fee per night:
– Standard room $60
– Premium room $88
– Premier room, including private bathroom $108 (limited availability)

Groups of 5 individuals and more: 20% off all above rates