Individual and Group In-House Retreats

Experienced meditators are welcome year-round to deepen their personal practice and study at Karmê Chöling, supported by our resident community. 

In-house retreats are terrific for individuals or small practice groups who want to temporarily immerse themselves in a Shambhala land center and its rhythm and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Karmê Chöling’s woods, fields and river in a self-guided retreat.  

Please note: availability between April 15-November 1st, 2023 is limited to the following dates.

May 15-28

June 12-25

August 7-20

Schedule, Practice Environment and Amenities

The daily schedule of an in-house retreat must contain a component of sitting meditation and study. You may include hiking, physical exercises, writing and other contemplative art forms in your retreat. The meditation halls and shrine rooms of Karmê Chöling are open to retreatants, who are also welcome to participate in daily practice hours, occasional classes and special events. Meals are shared in the dining room. Retreatants are asked to join once a day in washing dishes, cleaning or other simple chores.

 If your desire is for strict solitary practice in a cabin in the woods, then please read about our Solitary Cabin Retreats.

Prerequisites for doing any independent in-house retreat are:

  • You must be a member or friend of Shambhala;
  • Completion of at least one week of silent, group sitting meditation retreat
  • Established daily meditation practice of at least one year;
  • The ability and discipline to do a self-directed meditation retreat; and 
  • A written recommendation from a meditation instructor or senior teacher.

We offer:

Study & Practice Support

  • Daily group meditation in an environment crafted to support practice, including 4 shrine rooms. 
  • Personalized meditation instruction. 
  • Access to our rich Buddhist library and KCL archive
  • Profound Dharma programs led by experienced teachers. Karmê Chöling programs are FREE for those staying 1 month or more as Short Term Residents. 
  • Opportunities to join Kyudo (Japanese Archery) practice for those with previous training. (Introductory Kyudo First Shot program is tentatively planned for early August 2022)

Community & Quality of Life

    • Three delicious meals a day. 
    • P5 hiking trails on over 750 acres of beautiful New England forest.
    • Regular community events and Shambhala Buddhist celebrations.
    • Opportunities to volunteer in our organic garden (seasonal)

Pricing and Reservations

To schedule your individual or group in-house retreat, please email the Residency Manager or call (802)633-2384 ext. 3112

Pricing: $10 per night plus the cost of accommodations.

Groups of 5 individuals and more, for stays of 5 days or more: 20% off all above rates

KCL requires all overnight guests to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and to wear a mask for the first 72 hours after arrival.   Read our COVID Policy for more complete information.