Deep meditation retreats, a week or month-long, at Karme Choling meditation retreat center, Vermont.

Deep Meditation Retreats

Longer, extended retreats are an opportunity to experience practice in-depth. They can be a powerful introduction to and deepening of mindfulness-awareness meditation or the contemplative disciplines.

During these programs, the mindfulness of meditation or contemplation goes beyond the formal practice sessions themselves. Every aspect of daily life becomes part of the discipline of rediscovering the present moment. We reconnect with our own minds and hearts.

Each day consists of a full schedule of activities. Depending on the retreat these could include sitting and walking meditation, chants, talks, contemplative meals and short work sessions. Silence and functional speech are observed in some of the retreats. The simplicity of the daily routine provides a welcome alternative to a world of speed and multi-tasking. Bit by bit we relax and make friends with ourselves and our world.