Taking Care of Body & Mind with Qigong & Taoist Meditation - Part 1

Relaxing Body and Mind - Balancing Your Life

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Heidi Meyer-Bothling

Donna Mackenzie

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October 2024



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A 5-day enhanced Qigong Levels 1-2 program with Guest Speaker Eva

The Importance of Self-Care

What does it mean to live a healthy and peaceful life? In essence, it means having a relaxed body and a peaceful mind.

How do we attain a relaxed body and a peaceful mind? By knowing and understanding how to take care of ourselves and gently practicing self-care.

With increasing demands in everyday life, self-care is more important than ever. Self-care helps us to meet life’s challenges and to appreciate the gifts of good living.

The Three Pillars of Self-Care: Qigong, Meditation, & Lifestyle

Qigong, meditation, and lifestyle are the Three Pillars of Self-Care. When body is relaxed, life energy or qi will flow. When mind is peaceful, it will embrace qi and strengthen the body. When we live simply, we receive the beneficial effects of physical health and mental well-being.

Learning Self-Care

Whether you wish to get started on improving your physical health and mental well-being, want to review what you have learned previously in Qigong Levels 1-2, or would like to participate in deeper and more enriched qigong environment that integrates qigong, meditation and healthy lifestyle, this program is for you.

Techniques for Health, Well-being & Longevity

In this program we will engage with:

  • Cultivating the body: Participants will begin by learning six classic qigong techniques that relax the body and two postures of standing qigong that gather internal energy. We’ll continue by learning how to guide energy through the body using the Nine Self-Massage and the Twelve Devas Tendon Changing System - the most effective form of qigong used in repairing physical injuries and enhancing muscular-skeletal strength.
  • Meditation: We will learn and practice several Taoist meditation techniques with emphasis on becoming familiar with the workings of the mind and using internal observation to cultivate a peaceful and intelligent consciousness.
  • Lifestyle: We’ll discuss Taoist guidelines for balancing lifestyle - exploring the energetic impacts of the public, domestic, private and spiritual aspects of our life.
  • Walking with Awareness in Nature: We’ll learn Taoist techniques of sharpening the senses and enhancing our appreciation and awareness of the natural world on the spacious land of Karmê Chöling.

The Qigong of Xiantianwujimen Taoism

Xiantianwujimen is a Taoist lineage founded in 10th century China which specializes in using qigong to simultaneously cultivate and transform body and mind. A hermit and household tradition, Xiantianwujimen has been transmitted uninterrupted for more than a thousand years.

Qigong techniques favored by this lineage include self-massage, tendon-changing, calisthenics, marrow washing, and breath regulation. Instruction of Xiantianwujimen qigong is offered in the West by Dr. Eva Wong, a 19th generation carrier of the lineage, and by instructors authorized by the lineage. For more information on the teachings and programs offered by Xiantianwujimen Taoism please go to .


There are no prerequisites for this retreat. If you wish to get started on improving your physical health and mental well-being, you are invited to start your journey with this retreat.

This retreat fulfills the requirements necessary for Qigong Level 3.

Arrival & Departure

The program begins at 8pm on Friday, October 25th, 2024.
The program ends at 6pm Wednesday, October 30th, 2024.

Note: A 50% deposit is required to reserve your accommodation.

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Karmê Chöling values its commitment to making programs affordable and available to all who wish to study with us. To support this commitment we provide two program price options.

Generosity Price: $825.00
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Tuition: $660.00
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Heidi Meyer Bothling
Heidi Meyer-Bothling

Heidi Meyer-Bothling has been studying and practicing Qigong with Dr. Eva Wong since 2012 and was recently authorized to instruct Daoist Qigong Levels 1 and 2. Prior to becoming a student within Dr. Wong’s lineages, Heidi practiced and then instructed in the Korean martial art, meditation and breathwork of Sun Do Mountain Taoism for fourteen years.

Donna Mackenzie
Donna Mackenzie

Donna began studying with Dr. Eva Wong in 2010 and was authorized to teach Qigong Levels 1 and 2 in 2022.

She is a Zen Buddhist practitioner, taught yoga for 14 years, currently works as an ecologist and a cook, plays music, and spends her time between Southern Ontario and Nova Scotia.

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