Omen Reading and Divination

In the Yijing (I Ching)

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Dr. Eva Wong

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September 2024


On-Land: Shambhala Shrine Room

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Featuring a first-time translation of the Ju Gua Zhuan (Hexagram Sequence) and Gua Xiang Zhuan (Hexagram Images)

Yi means “change”. Jing means “path”, or “way”. Yi and Jing together mean the Way of Changes. The Yijing system of divination is founded on observing phenomena in the skies, scrutinizing changes in the earth, and understanding interactions in human society.

The Divination Classic, Yijing- (I Ching), consists of several texts. The most well-known is the Zhouyi of King Wen that describes the 64 hexagrams. More hidden in the Yijing are two obscure texts Gua Xiang Zhuan (Hexagram Images) and Ju Gua Zhuan (Hexagram Sequence). The Gua Xiang Zhuan is a text of divination that uses the images of each of the 64 hexagrams to read omens. The Ju Gua Zhuan is a text that organizes the 64 hexagrams into a coherent cosmology of the principle of Change.

To penetrate the mysteries of the Universe, understand the human condition, and learn how to live in an ever-fluctuating stream of changes that is part of existence - this is the legacy of the Divination Arts of China.

For the first time, the two hidden sections of the Yijing - the Gua Xiang Zhuan and the Ju Gua Zhuan have been translated by Eva Wong, and will be presented in this program.

Join Eva in exploring the philosophy that gave birth to one of the most powerful divination systems of China and learn the oldest form of divination - the omen reading technique of the Gua Xiang Zhuan of the Yijing.

Eva Wong is a Taoist scholar and a translator of over 17 Chinese classics. She is currently writing a book on Strategy in the Yijing.

No requirements. However, participants are encouraged to have a familiarity with trigrams and hexagrams.

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Taoist Star Px
Dr. Eva Wong

Eva Wong is a 19th generation lineage carrier of the Nei Dan Pai (internal alchemy) tradition of Xiantianwujimen Daoism and the author of over 17 books on Daoism.

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