Entering the Shamanic World of Taoism

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Dr. Eva Wong

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May 2024



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Tuition - $275

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The world is filled with power. Spirits, natural elements, plants, animals, and humanity all have power. Shamanic Taoism is a way of Power. Taoist shamans are magicians and artists of power who have penetrated the mysteries of the Tao and have entered into an intimate union with both the natural and supernatural forces.

Of all the systems of Taoism, Shamanic Taoism is probably the oldest, dating back several thousand years. The beliefs and practices have not changed much since the magicians and sorcerers of ancient China used them to ward off disasters, protect life, guide deceased souls through the underworld to a new life, and draw power from plants and animals to heal, protect, and battle malevolent spirits.

Talismans, amulets, ceremonial dances, and incantations are the tools of Shamanic Taoist. A person can be blessed and protected by wearing amulets or by painting a talisman on his or her body. Talismans can also be placed in strategic locations to create a ring of protection around an individual, a household, or any space. Talismans can also be burned, its ashes dropped into water, and the water sprinkled in places where malevolent forces are lurking.

While personal power of the Taoist shaman is required to summon and control power, there are certain magical practices that can be performed safely by ordinary individuals. In this encounter with the shamanic world of Taoism, you will learn how to draw personal protective talismans on the body, identify threats from spirit realms, perform dances of power, and make simple incantations to ask the spirits for help.

No requirements, just bring a sense of curiosity and adventure.

Join Eva Wong, a practitioner of the Kunlun system of Shamanic Taoism, in discovering and exploring a form of Taoism that few have experienced.

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Tuition: $275.00
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Dr. Eva Wong

Eva Wong is a 19th generation lineage carrier of the Nei Dan Pai (internal alchemy) tradition of Xiantianwujimen Daoism and the author of over 17 books on Daoism.

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