Tent Volunteer Weekend

June 2 - 4

Over the course of the weekend, volunteers work alongside staff to help with campsite tidying, tent cleaning, tent pitching, and tent furnishing. These contemplative and crucial tasks are supported with twice-daily formal sittings and chants, good food, and plenty of conversation and connection. Our volunteer weekends are a great way to experience the vividly awake energy of Karmê Chöling without a big financial commitment.
Basic accommodations and meals are FREE for the weekend.  Private rooms are available at an additional fee.  Contact info@karmecholing.org to request a private room.
Partial attendance is possible; we are glad to have you, even for just one or two days. After registering, please contact info@karmecholing.org to let us know if you do not plan to be here for the entire program.

COVID Protocols

  • You must be fully vaccinated (including at least one booster shot)*
  • Take a negative PCR (preferable) or rapid test 48 hours before arrival. Send a picture of the results to covid-test-results@karmecholing.org
  • Take a rapid test upon arrival (bring with you if possible).
  • If you have a cough or any flu-like symptoms, or if you have been in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID within 7 days of your arrival, please reschedule your visit.
  • In the few days before your arrival, please be very careful about limiting your exposure.
    • Avoid indoor, crowded spaces if possible.
    • If that is not possible, wear a N95 mask.
    • If you have been in a high-risk COVID situation in the days before your arrival – for example, in a crowded venue where social distancing is not possible (e.g. air or bus travel, public transit, busy restaurant, bar, concert), where there is poor ventilation, or where there are high levels of COVID present (e.g. hospital, nursing home) – we will ask you to mask in shared KCL spaces for the first 48 hours of your stay and then take a second rapid test. If you are unsure whether this applies to you, please email info@karmecholing.org
  • If you become sick or exhibit symptoms while at KCL we will require you to mask, even if you test negative for COVID. 

If you contract COVID while in a program/staying overnight at KCL:

  • KCL will ask you to return home as soon as possible. Until you can depart your retreat, you will be asked to quarantine in your room/ a room assigned to you for 5 days (eating meals in your room, bathing in single-use bathrooms, and masking indoors) and you will be asked to mask indoors for a total of 10 days from the onset of symptoms or/and positive COVID test. (ex. Day you test positive = Day 0, next day = Day 1)

Online registration is not currently open.

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