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Along with the seasonal falling of the leaves, gradual changes are taking place in the staff mandala of Karmê Chöling. Within Guest Services, we have two new faces at the Front Desk, Lindsey Gavens and Max Cappelli-King.

Lindsey Gavens (left)
Lindsey is a California native who has spent a little over two years on the East Coast. The past few years have been a whirlwind. She graduated college, chased career opportunities in New York City, and was introduced to the dharma. Two years ago Lindsey moved to New York with dreams of “making it” in the big city, but instead found herself depressed by the competitiveness and seeming insensitivity of city life. While questioning what she was going to do with herself, she started to explore different spiritual communities and eventually found herself drawn to Buddhism.

This summer she decided to quit her job and venture to Vermont to be a summer volunteer at Karmê Chöling. She started off the summer thinking she would spend a few laid-back months learning about Buddhism and then move back home and apply to grad school. Little did she know that this place would completely steal her heart. Lindsey feels more at home here than she has felt anywhere else, and feels honored to be a part of this community that provides such an excellent container for those looking to awaken their hearts. As a new member to the sangha, she hope to make others feel just as at home here as she does!

Max Cappelli-King (right)
A lover of music and bodies in motion, Max hails from Madison, Wisconsin. His dream to become a dancer was born at the age of 11 while performing with the Madison Boys Choir. There he found that he adored being on stage, but despised performing motionless. Nine years later, Max received his Bachelor’s in Fine Art from The Juilliard School in New York City. After a brief stint as a freelance dance artist, Max was hired as an apprentice with the Mark Morris Dance Group, where he performed in several of Mr. Morris’ classic and new creations for audiences in the United States, Europe and Asia. At the end of his apprenticeship it became apparent to Max that something was missing from his life, and so he left dance and the big city in pursuit of whatever that might be.

While attending a half-dathün at the beginning of this year, Max began to find exactly what was missing from his life, and with the desire to continue exploring that he applied for a job at Karmê Chöling and the rest is still unfolding. Max hopes to share his kindness and passion for Shambhala with all who come through Karmê Chöling, and if the time is right maybe he’ll do a little dance for you!

Please join me in welcoming this new warrior duo, and we look forward to seeing you here at Karmê Chöling!

I am so thankful for the new team. I am planning to depart in December of this year and I feel confident Lindsey, Max and the new Director of Guest Services will care for everyone who walks through our door with loving kindness.

Adrienne Kehn is the Director of Guest Services. She has worked at Karmê Chöling for over 4 years.


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