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You may have heard that Karmê Chöling’s retreat cabins were closed for a brief hibernation this summer. I frankly suspect this was a story circulated by a particular porcupine, who didn’t like the scolding I gave him for gnawing on the steps of Great Eastern Sun cabin. We’ve reached an understanding, and the cayenne pepper solution I’ve applied to the steps seems to have brought him around to my point of view.

Fact is, we are again ready to support your solitary retreat. We’ve dusted off the cushions, repainted some walls, uplifted the shrines and fussed over the exact placement of candle-snuffers on the oryoki table.

Long story short, if you are at a place where a solitary retreat would deepen your practice, and your commitment to the dharma, Karmê Chöling’s seven retreat cabins are jewels of great value. They’ve been seasoned with the practice of generations of practitioners, including some outstanding senior teachers you’ve probably learned from.

Each cabin comes with a meditation instructor that you can meet with before, or even during, your solitary retreat.

The forest, meadows and streams of Karmê Chöling have been blessed by many great Tibetan Buddhist teachers. In my opinion, solitary retreat in one of our cabins is some of the best practice you can do this lifetime.

When the time is right, here’s where you can apply for a solitary retreat .

— Mike,

Apply for a Solitary Retreat

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