Mudra as Expansion of Awareness

Created Sun, May 10, 2020 by
Joan Carney
Mudra Taking Direction

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Mudra’s work is the work of ‘Now’.

Mudra’s experiential fruition can point to a way for us to remain stable in the full experience of this living, continuously moving dot of change.

It can point to subtle moments of sensed life that give us hints into how we can be powerful and true to our conviction.

Now’s work is to stay open to what is—continually responding to reality—morphing into what wasn’t, and unfolding into what has never been.

Now’s work—which is Mudra’s fruition—is to become more and more aware of everything that feeds this moment, to everything that affects it, and to everything that is affected by it.

Mudra Musings ~ authored by Vicky Moyle

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