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This poem was written during a Level 1 retreat in July 2016 taught by Shastri Nick Kranz at Karmê Chöling. Photos are also by Kassie Harris.

A million tiny faces
in the carpet.
Animals and humans
staring into my soft gaze.
An audience for my practice,
they’re judging my level of madness
or the depths of my lucid sadness.

A gentle breeze, nature’s breath,
brings me back to my own.
Fullness then deflated.
Basically good
Basically content in basic curiosity.

I am training my mind.
Is pulling ourselves from societal distraction
merely a distraction
from the natural chaos of the modern mind?
Both states are relevant.
Both sides of the same vast, empty coin.

The invisible tears behind me,
bring me back to my own.
I am awakening.
I wear my emotions as badges of honor
for the history of my heart.
I make this choice,
I’ve earned them.

Don’t worry, be happy.

Garden 1

Kassie Harris is a 2016 Garden Apprentice. She is from Austin, Texas.


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