Join KCL and Shambhala Online for talks and practice sessions about Dön Season

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Dön season practices are a powerful way to purify negative energy and “clear the decks” ahead of Shambhala Day and the lunar new year. I think we can all agree there’s plenty of purifying to do!

Beginning Monday, Feb. 1 (2021), and concluding Wednesday, Feb. 10 (2021), our regular Karmë Chöling evening practice sessions will be devoted to chanting practices aimed at pacifying turmoil. These were offered online each evening at 5:30. You may register for the link to these sessions here.

Shambhala Online also offered a daily series of talks and practice sessions during this time, two of which were led by Karmê Chöling household members Acharya Dan Hessey (Feb. 6) and Marian English (Feb. 9).


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