Grounding in the Path of Dharma

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Anyen Rinpoche

By Natalia Shafa
Grounding in the Path of Dharma is a four day course developed especially for those meditation practitioners who are committed to their practice, but are struggling with the real-life dilemma of making that commitment fit into their day-to-day living. This includes those who are having difficulty getting their practice off the ground (whether they’ve tried once or many times). And for those who may have once had a strong meditation practice but have lost their inspiration somewhere along the way and are looking to reinvigorate their enthusiasm for meditation.

“I think it’s so hard to be a genuinely committed dharma practitioner in the West because it’s really new here,” says dharma teacher and monk Anyen Rinpoche. “The difficulties are a lack of education and community, such as we have in Tibet. We don’t yet have enough of this kind of support in the West. Sometimes students feel like they have to choose between dharma and their job or their spouse or other commitments and that can be discouraging. They can lose inspiration. It takes a lot of effort to stay committed when the whole environment is not supporting dharma practice. But without keeping commitments, it’s really hard to improve the dharma practice.” ̶ Anyen Rinpoche

Anyen Rinpoche is a rare teacher in the modern age, straddling the worlds of East and West. Raised and trained in Tibet, he has devoted his life to bringing Dharma to the west from a young age. He is a unique blend of cultures, which allows him to act as both translator and bridge between ancient teachings and contemporary practitioners.

This August at Karmê Chölíng, Anyen Rinpoche will provide students with the tools they need to steadily strengthen their practice and commitment over time. This includes the ability to keep their seats in the face of life’s day-to-day challenges once their meditation practice is no longer being supported by the discipline of retreat. Students gain the strength to keep going when life becomes overwhelming, to keep momentum when life is smooth and fun, and to stay excited and ‘in-love’ with their meditation practice through the daily grind that can be living.

Grounding in the Path of Dharma, with Anyen Rinpoche is August 25 – 28.
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