Dakini Weekthün, with Judith Simmer-Brown

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Weekthun: Meeting the Great Queen, Our Own Innate Wisdom — Jan. 7-15 (2021)

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Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown drew on earthy and intuitive transmissions from dakinis of the lineage, who appear in visions and dreams, to guide meditation during this week-long meditation retreat

The meditation tradition of Tibet known as Mahamudra, or “the great seal”, introduces the nature of mind through nonconceptual and direct methods. One of the most beloved methods is that of “dakini wisdom.”

This practice-oriented retreat was open to all, and has a track for tantrikas (those who have attended Vajrayana Seminary or Sacred World Assembly) and non-tantrikas (that’s the rest of us!).

The retreat — “Weekthun: Meeting the Great Queen, Our Own Innate Wisdom” — took place January 7 – 15 (2021)

Donna Williams and Pablo Coddou co-taught this weekthun.


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