Authentic Presence ~ To Sense, To Be, To Act Genuinely from a Place of Conviction

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Joan Carney
Mudra Elements

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Mudra practice aims to give us glimpses of full-bodied experience that is not colored by our conventional or habitual biases. Practitioners know that it can open them into new insights regarding their own particular ego defense mechanisms. Mudra can give us vivid imprints and clues into the ways we prop ourselves up with subtle self-cherishing habits.

An unobscured view of bigger awareness could lead to further non-conceptual understanding in how to evoke genuine gestures in the world. These authentic gestures could be expressions of true wisdom: informed by each individual’s unique intelligence and synchronized with the drala in the environment.

As we move forward in a socially distanced world on the Internet, how do we convey our authentic presences to each other—fostering genuine deep connection to and appreciation for each other—without a relationship found in real-time-and-space?

The confidence and power of Mudra always result from alignment of the practice with profound wisdom and the principles of reality, as its seeds originate in the terma of the Shambhala lineage.

Mudra Musings ~ authored by Vicky Moyle


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