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i trimmed back the blueberry bushes
because their branches are like old memories
and i knew i should be thinking about which branches were healthiest
but i was thinking about which branches looked the most like they were dancing

a seed appears to be dead although it is always respirating
and that is a little like me before i started sticking my hands in the soil
I tried to make things beautiful on a screen, placing little dots in a row and putting them in a show

now my dots go in the ground and turn into nourishment and there is no praise to make me
look lovingly into the imaginary mirror
while the real mirror cracks with its own laughter
but here i am making a poem as if there is an audience so i guess me and my ego are pals, and
maybe i can start to forget if i’m the one bumping my head mindlessly on the low ceiling during
walking meditation
or the ceiling itself, grateful for the touch

Katie Frank is a 2016 Garden Apprentice. She is from Silver Spring, Maryland.


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