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Someone asked on Facebook recently if Karmê Chöling would still be offering programs now that it’s a residential Shambhala community.

The first answer is, it never stopped. Our online programming — from Shambhala Training Levels and Dakini Wisdom to Lucid Dream Yoga — is drawing more participants now, in most cases, than in-person programming was drawing before the pandemic hit.

But there are two more answers. 

In Summer 2021, Karmê Chöling plans to offer programs to smaller, in-person groups that will sit in the same shrine room where program are being broadcast live (if COVID conditions allow it). The challenge will be in delivering the programs in such a way that they are helpful for both in-person and online audiences. 

Upgrading our technology will be key to allowing our skilled programs team to explore, learn and innovate, said Betsy Railla, Karmê Chöling’s executive director.

The third answer relates to programs that will be integrated into KCL Residency. Already, sangha members have approached Betsy with ideas for garden programs, dathüns and contemplative arts programs that are taught as part of a Residency program.

Acharya Suzann Duquette, Practice & Education Director Marian English and Betsy are working on curriculum for a months-long Hinayana program integrated into residency, which would include path programs, reading, and study groups .

“We hope to be able to start advertising topics soon,” Betsy said. “What we’re looking at isn’t books about the Hinayana, but study topics. The program will be stretched out over time, so it won’t be a month of Hinayana, it will be like several months of Hinayana, which meshes perfectly with Residency.”

Similar programs are being developed for Mahayana and Vajrayana practitioners, as well.

“We’re working on curricula for all of those, and that takes investment. We have to manage investments very carefully.”


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