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Travis DeTour, a member of the Boston sangha and a resident of Karmê Chöling, will be leading a “LIVE from the Rock!” program about social meditation on Wednesday, Jan. 20, at 7:30 p.m. EST.

Before I say more, if you haven’t heard already, “LIVE from the Rock” is a series of Wednesday evenings talks, presented online from Karmê Chöling’s Lower Living Room. The series will explore the art of staying sane at home, and is supported by donations.

The series will actually begin Jan. 13 with “Finding Ease with your Zoom Practice,” offered by Kate Vlasic and JT Buck. More on that later.

Social Meditation

Travis has been leading social meditation for the 30-and-Under group at the Boston Shambhala Center for 10 years.

In social meditation, practitioners engage the qualities they develop on the cushion — such as friendliness toward one’s self and a sense of being “on the spot” — and extend it into a social context with meditative conversation.

Travis likes to think of it as “reclaiming the language of being.”

“A lot of times in social situations we think we have to present in certain ways or have certain expectations of ourselves, and this practice is really about letting that go and just letting ourselves be as we are,” Travis said. “We’re learning how to be genuine by synchronizing our body and mind and sharing from the space of the heart.”

Offering our presence creates a field of authenticity, he said. “We can enjoy just sharing what it is to be human.”

Travis says more in the video at the bottom of this page.

Finding your Ease with Zoom Practice

On Jan. 13, Kate Vlassic, of the Montpelier sangha, joins Karmê Chöling’s Online Programs Manager JT Buck in “Finding Ease with your Zoom Practice.”

As life in a pandemic continues, many of us are adjusting to the increase in technology as a medium for continued human connection.

How do we expand our view to experience our online “meeting place” as sacredness? How do we practice meditation in action — even in the presence of a smartphone screen?

This interactive, one-hour session will introduce a view and path to seeing Zoom as an opportunity to deepen one’s practice, as well as provide experience with the basic tools of Zoom in a low-pressure environment.

JT also serves as Master of Ceremonies during Karmê Chöling Lunch Announcements.

Mudra in a Digital World

Zoey Moyle offers a talk on Mudra Space Awareness in the time of Zoom on Jan. 21, 2021.Finally, Zoey Moyle, a member of the Montpelier sangha (and currently Kasung Liaison at Karmê Chöling), will offer “Mudra Space Awareness in the Time of Zoom” on Jan. 27.

Not for the faint of heart, Mudra is an active and engaging mind-body practice rooted in the Shambhala Vajrayana teachings. It is particularly apt to apply to contemporary life in the Western world where embodiment can feel more like an idea than an experience.

Zoey’s going to make a video for all of us, so check in next issue to see what she’s planning.

And now, that video from Travis.


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