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This past Friday I got together with two students —  Coyote Jackson and Travis DeTour —  who had  just completed a Golden Key weekend with Sangyam Agnes Au. She had demonstrated a Kado, or ikebana arrangement, as part of the training  and they were interested in trying their hand. 

I’ve had some experience with Marcia Shibata, eminent Shambhala teacher over the years —  living in northern Vermont and taking classes with her at the St. Johnsbury Shambhala Center and also at Karmê Chöling.  So with my Kado manual at the ready, we prepared our containers, secateurs. kenzans, water bowls, pitchers, and flowers to begin the practice.

The location: the very sunny former Aloka space at Karme choling, which is now the Dharma Art Space. We bought flowers from the local florist; we each had two lime-green spider mums, two blue unopened irises, two branches of babies breath, three branches of lemon leaf and twigs that we had collected.

The environment was delicious. We were able to experience the full extent of this contemplative practice — a combination of materials , space,  breath,  focus. No hurry, not much self criticism, a large dose of magic.

We all felt lucky to spend that hour and a half on a late winter’s afternoon.

Enjoy the photos.


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