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Dear Families,

Our lhasang pit is singing the Warriors Cry. Do you hear? 

Our front yard longs to be stomped on by kids running down to the river. 

We miss your energy. We miss your voices. We miss your practice, your genuineness and your presence. We miss you!

So much!

Come back to Karmê Chöling and bless the land. Join us for Family Residency.

“This is a great place to bring your kids, somewhere they can unplug, be outside, be with each other without wearing a mask, and go into the garden and engage with our trails and nature” said KCL Executive Directory Betsy Railla.

“There are places to swim, and yard games, and other activities to have a simple summer of being together,” she said.

Family Residencies lasts a month or more. 

The gathering is being planned with organizers of our annual Family Camp, and is intended to have a lighter schedule than Family Camp usually has. 

Family Residency will have a staccato of events with plenty of space for family time or even to work from Karmê Chöling through our dependable wi-fi.

And while Family Camp normally takes place in August, a Family Residency can begin whenever you’re ready to hug the land again.

If you’re not vaccinated by the time you arrive, you’ll need to quarantine for a week, then get a COVID-19 test. Or, you can quarantine for 14 days and then join the community, mask free. 

If you already have your shots, come right through the dharma door.

Karme Choling’s food is delivered, so trips to town are rarely a necessity. All of our residents follow COVID guidelines to maintain a safe environment.

Families have the option of staying in the Main House (as long as rooms are available) or outside in a simple camp-cabin, in one of our tents or in one you bring from home.

Coinciding with summer and Family Residency, Karme Choling is offering “Gesar: Rousing Life Force in the Midst of Obstacles,” which is free to Residents. It includes a one-day meditation intensive in July; a weeklong retreat and the 2nd annual Gesar Run in August; and the Gesar Festival of Art and Culture, as well as the Harvest of Peace in September.

No prior Family Camp experience needed. But it’s helpful to understand a Buddhist perspective so you can get the most out of the environment. And participants are expected to meditate, either at sessions organized by Family Residency or with other Karme Choling residents in our shrine room.



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