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The ideal warrior, Gesar of Ling is a trusted leader who tames the enemies that turn people from the path of wisdom and compassion. Studying this legend gives us profound, practical guidance on how to be a warrior in difficult times, rousing life force in the midst of obstacles. Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche credits Gesar as a primary source of the Shambhala teachings.

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Each Dharma.U Cycle is a three-month deep dive into Buddhist teachings. The subscription based study cycles incorporate live teachings offered by senior Shambhala teachers (over Zoom, for now), practice intensives, study groups guided by meditation instructors, and archival video and audio teachings.  

July 3 – Sept. 11: Flagship Course

“The World of Gesar of Ling” an epic, three-month study series led by Gesar translators:

  • Part 1: (July 3 – 31) with David Shapiro, Jane Hawes. 
  • Part 2: (Aug. 7 – Sept. 11) Study series featuring archive recordings by Robin Kornman and discussions with live teachers. 

In this 11-week program, you will meet King Gesar of Ling in his historical context, experience the text of his epic and learn how Gesar is alive in our lives and meditation practices. The series will feature three practice intensives, archival video and audio recordings of teachings, live conversations with respected teachers and vibrant group study sessions. It concludes with “Gesar Festival” of Shambhala Arts and Culture. 

Online Practice Intensives

  • July 3 One-Day Intensive Retreat
  • Aug. 21 – 26 Weeklong Gesar Retreat

Special Events

  • Aug. 26 – 29 “2nd Annual Gesar Run” (108-mile devotional run from Burlington, Vt., to Karmê Chöling) 
  • Sept. 18 Gesar Festival of Art and Culture
  • Sept. 21 Harvest of Peace

This program is free for Karmê Chöling residents.

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