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Join Karmê Chöling resident Camren Von Davis on the four-day, 108-Mile Gesar Run for Family Camp, which begins Wednesday, Aug. 19, a day after the New Moon. The run is a fundraiser for Family Camp.

Starting at Karmê Chöling, Camren will run through scenic Vermont, stopping at various Lhu and Lha spots for lhasangs, meditation, stories of Gesar and sharing of Drala experiences. You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram, or you can find him on the road and fall in.

The run ends, depending on the whims of the dralas, at Lake Champlain Aug. 22. 

Camren will stop each day between 11am and noon at a meet-up point, such as a lake, river or other scenic and thematically relevant spot, for lunch, singing, practice, and to touch in with social media. 

The idea is to use all of this to tie in with this year’s Virtual Family Camp as a fundraising opportunity. Each day has a theme:

Day 1 = Tiger
Day 2 = Lion
Day 3 = Garuda
Day 4 = Dragon

Please show Camren and Family Camp support by tuning in! More info to follow.

And if you can, please donate to Family Camp!

We miss you Family Camp! We hope you are enjoying your virtual gathering, and can’t wait to see you next year.


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