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Karmê Chöling residents have had the profound opportunity to deepen their practice and dharma study as a community. We would nowlike to offer some of those same benefits to the wider mandala, as a series of directed, online study and practice intensives called “Dharma.U.”

Dharma.U consists of four three-month cycles, each a deep dive into the practice and study of dharma. The first three-month cycle, offered March 20 to June 25, is called “Unmasking the Three Lords of Materialism.”

||| Lion’s Roar: Trungpa Rinpoche and the Three Lords of Materialism

“We thought that instead of going for a weekend sprint, Dharma.U would be a long-term training program where you can really relax and deepen into the material,” said Executive Director Betsy Railla, who developed the Dharma.U curriculum with Acharyas Suzann Duquette and Dan Hessey, P&E Director Marian English and Online Programs Manager JT Buck.

The exploration includes weekend programs with senior teachers, discussion and study groups guided by meditation instructors to deepen people’s understanding of each topic, and  transcripts or recorded teachings.

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feedback about Dharma.U?

“So many times I’ve gone to programs and what I really remember most is the conversations I’ve had with my peers, and the experience of being with them and really tackling the material together,” Betsy said.

Participants will also have access to relevant sections of the Karmê Chöling archives, which include recorded programs with Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Sakyong Mipham, the Karmapa and senior teachers of Shambhala Buddhism.

KCL household members in our Residency program will get a deep discount on Dharma.U cycles.

By assigning different reading lists and offering material from different sections of the archive, the Dharma.U staff has designed the cycles to allow practitioners to deepen regardless of whether their path is Hinayana, Mahayana or Vajrayana.

Registration is not yet open for this program.



  1. Alley Smith-Morrissey says:

    Sounds interesting. What’s the price for online students?

  2. Daniel R. Siakel says:

    I love this idea and await the registration page for “Unmasking…” eagerly—a good reminder to practice patience!

  3. Paul Delong says:

    The question of value for any teaching is “Who?” Who are the teachers? What is their perspective and agenda? Is this related to the attempt to shoehorn the Sakyong back into credibility? Questions that are a bit sharp, but also, appropriate. As I recall, CTR was not shy of posing questions.

    • Mike de Give says:

      Hi Paul.
      Being a new program, it’s been taking longer than I would have liked to get these details. As the Director of Communications, I asked to be able to publish something, even if the details were not worked out. My educated guess is that both Acharya Suzann Duquette (our resident Acharya) and Acharya Dan Hessey (a resident here at KCL) will be teaching parts of the first cycle. I could be wrong, but that’s my best bet. I will, of course, release more details when they get to my desk.

    • Mike de Give says:

      Hi again, Paul. Rupa Acharya Suzann Duquette and Acharya Dan Hessey, and others, are on board so far to teach this program. More info coming soon.


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