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A violinist, three writers, an animator and a sewing circle have made a Dharma Arts Space in what was once the Aloka Children’s room at Karme Choling. 

The space was refurbished last summer to include sunny new windows and built-in bookshelves. The neighboring Aloka Teacher’s Suite, which artists at Karme Choling have declared to be “The Art Space Annex,” has brand new wooden floors, and is being used as a music studio — meaning the violinist practices there each morning. 

There’s big talk about having an open house, but so far it’s just talk. I’m not holding my breath.

One of the writers is expecting an oboe and recorder to arrive any day now. 

While the location is not permanent — it’s a candidate for becoming a wheelchair-accessible residential room — the Dharma Arts Space was talked up at the last Community Meeting, and was generally met with good cheer.  

Dharma Arts Space founders say it adds an attractive amenity to Karmê Chöling’s Residency program, which now has 14 Residents, in addition to staff and volunteers.



  1. Vickie Schafer says:

    Looks lovely.
    Did I hear volunteers?
    Does that mean those of us living off land, but very near?
    Could that mean drawing and painting?
    This is looking good – Thanks

    • Mike de Give says:

      I’m afraid not yet. We’re still aren’t able to invite visitors to indoor things. People do come by, though, to walk the land and pay homage at the Purkhang. Throw a snowball against the house so we’ll know you’re there.

  2. Vickie Schafer says:

    Will throw snow balls in Morse code!


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