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Mudra can provide us with confidence to see through confused experience and provide stability for our intelligence, which in turn can lead us to taste a sense of vastness beyond our normal sleepiness.  This can come as a profound sense of auspicious coincidence that completely embraces limitless interdependence. 

That might look like ‘chaos’, but just because we—in our limited awareness—don’t see or understand some underlying pattern or unborn principle, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. Chaos is indeed good news—because it acknowledges that even small gestures can have huge effects.

With the application of great effort in intensification, Mudra helps to juxtapose the impossible with actual experience, so that our paltry efforts to stay in familiar territory and retain control are given up. 

Similar to a Zen koan, where all effort to make logical sense has to be let go, Mudra exercises use our entire body and sense faculties to lead us to a powerful non-conceptual imprint of non-duality.

Mudra Musings ~ authored by Vicky Moyle

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