Staff, Volunteers and Residents must agree to abide by our Karmê Chöling Code of Conduct policies.

Thank you for your interest! Volunteering at a Shambhala Land Center promises to be one of the most memorable and beneficial experiences of your life.  It’s also a lot of fun and is filled with studying the dharma, meditation practice, hard work, life-long friendships and some of the most magical forests, rivers, hills and weather in the world.  Any volunteer can come to Karmê Chöling almost any time. While we do give preference to volunteers with a background in Shambhala, we welcome all meditators who are interested in integrating work with practice who are pursuing a spiritual path.  We are open to tailoring the timing of your volunteer visit.

While we do have wi-fi at Karmê Chöling, we also have staff and volunteer policies around its usage along with policies around electronics usage, music, social media, etc. 

Pets are strictly not allowed at any time.

Please note that we are a deep retreat center and we host guests who come to work very closely with their minds through meditation and other practices. Silence is sometimes key to this and our staff and volunteers at times keep silence in support of our guests. We invite volunteers to join us in community practice twice daily.

Our typical daily schedule:
8AM breakfast
9AM-1030AM Practice/Meditation
1030AM-1230PM Work
1230PM Lunch
1PM-4PM Work
4PM Tea Snack
430PM-530PM Work
530PM-630PM Practice/Meditation
630PM Dinner

Karmê Chöling provides meals and accommodation to its volunteers which is a value of $1500/month.  If you are a volunteer who does not need housing accommodation with us please let us know, although ALL workers at Karmê Chöling gather for meals – it’s a key part of our culture and community!  Our kitchen works a lot with our own organic garden produce and we serve meat, vegetarian and vegan meals. General accommodation includes our outdoor platform forest tents and shared indoor dorms. We are open to discussing other options and needs. Just let us know details in the survey below. 

The volunteer application was created so that we can best match your expectations and needs to the open volunteer slots we have.  Shortly after you submit this, a real human being will get in touch with you to go over this live and answer any additional questions you may have.  We are very invested in our volunteers having a terrific experience with us and in order to insure this, we need to gather good information from you (which we do not share with anyone else)!

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