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Christina Clark Ride Request   None 01/06/2018 christina.clark@bdc.ca

I am also willing to travel to meet up along the way. Just looking for options to plan my trip there in January.

Taylor Norris Ride Request   None 12/08/2017 happyvegan22@gmail.com

I am traveling from Karme Choling to Boston to catch a flight that leaves around noon on Friday, December 8. I'd need to leave KCL in the morning. More than happy to share fuel costs.

Grace DiNapoli Ride Offer   None 10/27/2017 gdinapoli@karmecholing.org  
Jean-Luc Monfrais Ride Offer   None 11/03/2017 monfrais@hotmail.com

I live in Montreal downtown. Departure early pm on Friday 3rd.
I'll come back on Thursday late or early Friday 10th.

Jill Carter Ride Offer   Maine 11/10/2017 Jillcarter28@gmail.com  
Jill Carter Ride Offer   None 11/03/2017 Jillcarter28@gmail.com  
Lakota Sandoe Ride Request   Massachusetts 11/03/2017 lilalokas@gmail.com  
Isabelle Mahy Ride Request   None 10/27/2017 isabellemahy@videotron.ca

Looking for sharing a ride from Montreal to attend Adam Lobel's weekend. I am flexible (can leave Mtl sooner) but I need to be back in Mtl on the 30th before 2pm. I am also considering renting a car if needed and could then offer a seat. 🙂

Philip Cohen Ride Offer   None 10/25/2017 coinheritage@aol.com

I have a car to take me to Burlington Airport leaving Karme Choling at 11.20 am on 25th Oct.
Please feel free to join me and help a bit with the cost of the journey.

Marie Endres Ride Request   None 10/30/2017 marie@marieEndres.com

I need to catch the Dartmouth Coach at 2:00 pm in order to get my Boston flight out at 6:30 pm on 10/30/2017

Allison Plass Ride Request   New York 11/10/2017 aplass@gmail.com  
Allison Plass Ride Request   None 11/07/2017 aplass@gmail.com  
Jessie Swartout Ride Request   Ohio 11/24/2017 jessieswartout@aol.com

Will need to be at Hanover Bus terminal by 2:00 pm

Jessie Swartout Ride Request   Ohio 11/25/2017 jessieswartout@aol.com

Will need to be at Hanover Bus terminal by 2:00 pm

Jessie Swartout Ride Request   Ohio 11/16/2017 jessieswartout@aol.com

Will be arriving at Hanover bus terminal via Dartmouth Coach @ 4:00 pm

Dianne Kipp Ride Request   None 11/09/2017 dianne@diannekipp.com

I will be taking Level IV and V at Karme Choling Nov 3 - 9.

My flight from Manchester, NH will depart at 1:05 pm on Nov 9

Dianne Kipp Ride Request   None 11/03/2017 dianne@diannekipp.com

I will be attending Level IV and V at Karme Choling Nov 3 -9
Flight will arrive in Manchester, NH at 1:25 pm

Allison Paul Ride Offer   None 11/06/2017 allisonspaul@gmail.com

I will be driving from Hanover, NH to Karme Choling in a rental car the afternoon of November 6th. I would be happy to carpool and share costs. I will also be driving from KC to Montpelier Wednesday night November 8th.

Rachel Watersong Ride Request   None 01/06/2018 rachelwatersong@fastmail.com

Happy to join up with someone anywhere along the way from NC to Karme Choling!

Susan-Marie Moody Ride Request   None 10/29/2017 smrmoody@me.com  
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