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Rachel Watersong Ride Offer Durham, NC 01/05/2018 rachelwatersong@fastmail.com

I'm waffling between taking a bus or driving-- if I find a couple people who want to ride with me (I could pick you up anywhere along the way between NC and Karme Choling), it would make it worth the gas to drive vs. bus.

Jeff Green Ride Request Karme Choling 02/05/2018 atallj@gmail.com

The return trip side of the below request. Here the departure times for the Link Bus are (approximately) one at noon, and 3 departures between 4:30 and 6:00PM. Thanks again.

Jeff Green Ride Request Montpelier VT 01/05/2018 atallj@gmail.com

I would like to do the dathun in Jan, but need to work out the transportation. I'm in Burlington and so can take the bus (GMT Link) to Montpelier in the afternoon, various arrival times from about 2:30PM to 7:30PM. I can't move the date to the 6th since the Link bus doesn't run on the weekends. Thanks for any help.

Gary Vu Ride Offer Karmê Chöling 01/28/2018 gvu123@gmail.com

I will be picking up my partner ar Karmê Chöling coming from and going to Burlington, VT.

Gary Vu Ride Offer Burlington, VT 01/21/2018 gvu123@gmail.com

I'll be dropping off my partner at KCL and will be heading back to Burlington same day.

Trent Larson Ride Request Manchester NH 12/26/2017 trent.t.larson@gmail.com  
Barbara Vanek Ride Request Burlington, VT 12/26/2017 bsvanek1@gmail.com

I will be staying at a hotel in Burlington but could meet at the airport if that is easier. Will also need ride back to Burlington on 1/1/18 if that is an option. Thank you!!

Marj Kleinman Ride Request Brooklyn or Manhattan 01/06/2018 mosaicmarj@gmail.com

Hi! It's my first time going to KC and I'm super excited (and a teeny bit nervous). I'm doing the Weektung on 1/6-14. I would love to share a ride to or from together. I am hoping to visit family in Morrisville before or after, so it may be one way. Will know more soon. Thanks!

Ben Peck Ride Request Karme Choling 02/05/2018 peck_ben@hotmail.com

Happy to help drive to NYC or to share ride to White River Junction

Ben Peck Ride Request NYC 01/06/2018 peck_ben@hotmail.com

Happy to help drive from NYC or share ride from White River Junction.

Sandra Larriva Ride Request White River Junction 01/06/2018 slarriva@gmail.com

Hi! I will most likely be taking the train from NYC that gets in at 6:15pm on the 6th. Happy to share a ride to KC.

Sandra Larriva Ride Request New York City 01/06/2017 slarriva@gmail.com

Hi! I will be departing from Chelsea (Manhattan) on the 6th. I'd be happy to ride all the way to KC with someone or catch a ride at White River Junction or Hanover.

Grace DiNapoli Ride Offer Hanover, NH or White River Jct 11/30/2017 gdinapoli@karmecholing.org

Offering transportation to KCL if you're taking the bus or train. Reasonable rates.

Major West Ride Request Boston 01/04/2017 major@majorexposure.com

Hi! Heading up there for the Dathun. Flexible on travel date.

Kate Raddock Ride Request Karme Choling 12/08/2017 krraddock@gmail.com

6:20pm Departing flight from Logan on Dec. 8th departure day.

Kate Raddock Ride Request Boston 11/30/2017 krraddock@gmail.com

Landing in Boston on Nov. 29 at 1pm and need to be up at KCL between 2-4pm on Nov 30.

Pamela Williams Ride Request Phila; see details 11/25/2017 pamelaawilliams@gmail.com

Seeking ride to Burlington/ KCL, from NYC or Hanover ( coming from Boston if Vermonter train is sold out)

IF there is someone driving north from WIlmington or south, could start from Philadelphia/NJ location
will try to contribute to costs on return trips

Ride between Burlington/KCL before December 11th needed for one day

Ride to Boston going South and/or through to Chicago for 5 days 12/23 returning by 1/1/18, depending on start date for potential long term position in Northeast Kingdom/Vermont

Janet Pal Ride Request Karme Choling 01/01/2018 janetdwpal@gmail.com  
Janet Pal Ride Request Boston/Logan Airport 12/26/2017 janetdwpal@gmail.com  
Michelle Seymour Ride Request Montreal Quebec Canada 12/24/2017 seymiche@outlook.com

Can meet at any metro station or wherever it is convenient in Montreal,

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