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Terry Jaworski Ride Request Karme Choling 06/15/2018 garuda12@gmail.com

My flight from Logan leaves at 5:30 pm but am happy to get there at any time.

Laurie Fischer Ride Offer Burlington Airport 06/04/2018 Lauriefischer53@gmail.com

Want to share the cost of a Vermont Tour and Charter taxi/van ride? Two of us have reserved a taxi/van that can take up to 9 people. There's room for 7 more. The cost is $80 each for two but decreases to $33 each if there are 9 people, with cost decreasing with each passenger added. Email me at Lauriefischer53@gmail.com if you want to join us. Leaving Burlington Airport at noon.

Kate Abato Ride Request Montreal 06/17/2018 cathrynabato27@gmail.com

My plane arrives from Vancouver to Montreal on June 17, Sunday, at 7.52am. I would love to share a ride and pay for gas. As I am a meditation instructor for the June/July dathun, I should arrive by dinner time on June 19. thanks so much for any help. Kate Abato

Sally Larrick Ride Request Karme Choling 06/15/2018 larrick@snet.net

My flight from Logan is at 4:00 PM, so I need to be there by 2:30, but don't mind getting there early. If the ride is to Hanover, NH, I need to be there before 11:00 AM to catch the Dartmouth Coach.

Victoria Hagens Ride Request Karme Choling 06/15/2018 victoria.hagens@gmail.com

Looking for a ride to the train station in Montreal following Scorpion Seal Assembly. Happy to pay more than just gas!

JOEL KROEKER Ride Request Burlington (Vermont) 06/04/2018 JOELKROEKER@HOTMAIL.COM

1) My flight arrives in Montreal (from Victoria, BC) on June 3rd at 6:30pm in the evening
2) I'll stay overnight in Montreal
3) Both my rides from Montreal to KC fell through (anyone else leaving from Montreal for Scorpion Seal 1 on June 4th?)
4) I'll take a bus on June 4th from Montreal to Burlington, Vermont
and will arrive in Burlington (Vermont) at 12noon.
5) Is anyone driving from (or through) Burlington in June 4, 2018 toward KC that has a space in a car for a thin very polite and quiet guy (with very little luggage) who is happy to share fuel costs and is becoming a bit desperate for a ride? (ha ha)


Janie Paige Ride Request WRJ / Hanover 06/21/2018 paigemesometime@gmail.com

Bettina Hetz and I are looking for a ride to KCL from Hanover/WRJ. Bettina arrives earlier via Dartmouth bus and I will be arriving by train at 6:15pm.

Please let us know if you might be able to give us a ride!

Ruth Wallen Ride Request Burlington Vermont Airpot 05/20/2018 rwallen@ucsd.edu

Am arriving around 5PM, the earliest possible from west coast. Would love a ride or anyone else to share the shuttle.

Gayle Van Gils Ride Request Manchester Airport 06/02/2018 gaylevangils@gmail.com

Arriving at 1:30 at Manchester Airport to staff SSA1. If you are driving from Boston to KCL, you will pass by me. Any staff arriving who want to share your car with me? I can pay!

Ahmee Hewitt Ride Offer Logan Airport, Boston 06/04/2018 ahewitt@treeline.com

Share a rental car to Karme Choling from Logan, Cost is $50.00. Room for one person.

LInda Mockeridge Ride Request Karme Choling 05/31/2018 linmock@gmail.com

I have a plane to catch at 12:50. If there is anyone else going to the airport on departure day with some space please let me know. It would be appreciated.

Troy Madison Ride Request Downtown littleton nh 05/03/2018 Magmuzzle@gmail.com

Stuck in littleton nh, waiting for a cab to free up...

Jinpa Heyer Ride Request NYC 06/01/2018 jilhmo@gmail.com

I need to be at the lodge by 1PM June 1, so I can be on shift at 1:30 for court duty.

Kelly Kirschner Ride Request ? 08/04/2018 hoyakelly@gmail.com

Trying to figure out best airport to fly into for family camp and then share a ride w/my two children. Flying from Florida.

Janie Paige Ride Request NYC or Boston 06/22/2018 paigemesometime@gmail.com

I am hoping to find a ride to Karme Choling for Dathun (which starts evening of 6/22). I'm originally from NYC so I was going to fly there from the west coast on the way to KCL, but I could also fly to Boston if there is someone driving from there.

p.s. I am nonsmoking, but don't mind if you smoke!

Linda Mockeridge Ride Request Karme Choling 05/31/2018 linmock@gmail.com

Need to catch the 7 AM Dartmouth coach from Hanover to Logan

Linda Mockeridge Ride Request Hanover 05/18/2018 linmock@gmail.com

Would like to find another person to share the ride I found for $35 each at 4 PM on Dartmouth bus from Logan.

alexandra shenpen Ride Request karme choling 05/31/2018 ashenpen@gmail.com

wld love a ride to montreal, where i just have a short stay. i hear getting there is complex & expensive without rideshare. can help drive if automatic, not stickshift. have minimal, very small luggage, one carryon& shoulderbag.720-839-8338

alexandra shenpen Ride Request karme choling 05/31/2018 ashenpen@gmail.com  
Joshua Weinstein Ride Request Karme Choling 06/15/2018 joshhw@me.com  
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