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CATHERINE ADACHI Ride Request Logan Airport 07/20/2018 catadachi@yahoo.com

I will be flying in to Logan Airport at 11AM on July 20th Friday.

Fred de Long Ride Offer Philadelphia PA 07/20/2018 delongfred07@gmail.com

I have a car, but due to vision problems I can't drive much more than an hour without a break to refresh my eye. I am willing to use my car or travel with someone else to The Spirit World As Teacher. I would like someone to share the driving, or I am willing to ride in someone else's car. Although I would like cost sharing, I can accept a contribution, not fully half the cost. I live in the Phila area, but am willing to pick up within a reasonable distance (PA, NJ, DE)

Alison Clark Ride Request Cambridge, MA 07/06/2018 aeclark930@gmail.com

Hello, new friends.
2 students (Mark and Alison) will be arriving in Hanover at 2 pm. Could someone meet us there? I have just written to Marcelene, but in case she is not free is there someone else? I'll be traveling most of the day tomorrow, so may not be able to respond 'til the evening.
Thank you, in advance.
In Oneness,

Mark Prodger Ride Request Concord NH 07/06/2018 markprodger13@gmail.com

Looking for ride to weekend retreat. I can meet anywhere close to Concord NH or Boston.


Margaret Martin Ride Offer Litchfield, Maine 07/07/2018 mmartin17@maine.rr.com

I could pick people up in Brunswick or other areas nearby. Riders are welcome to meet me at my house, too, and we can leave from there. Contributions toward gas are welcome, but not required.

Alison Clark Ride Request Cambridge, MA (Boston area) 07/06/2018 aeclark930@gmail.com

Hello, Shambhala friends. I will be flying in from California for the Shambhala Levels I-III training. Is anyone driving from the Boston area on July 6th? I gather we are due to arrive between 3 and 6, ideally.
Thank you, in advance. (My plane travel is on the 5th.)
If you prefer to text it's fine by me. 408-218-5232

Deeya Varano Ride Request Hanover, WRJ, Montpeliar or Burlington 07/05/2018 diavarano@gmail.com

Hi! Looking for a ride from somewhere near KC that you can get to by bus or train (White River Junction, Montpeliar,Etc.) on the 5th of July. Havent booked any tickets yet bc I am waiting to see if there is a rideshare from somewhere first! I'm coming from NYC originally. Thanks! 🙂

Marcelene Celiz Ride Offer Karme Choling 07/05/2018 marceleneceliz@gmail.com

I'm available from July to November (depending on weather) for rides to and from Hanover to Karme Choling or Hanover to KCL.

Jackie L Ride Request New York City 07/02/2018 Jhliebman@yahoo.com

Hi! My car completely died and I'm trying to get to Karme Choling for Dathun. Leaving from NYC or general area (could be NJ etc), ideally July 1, or July 2nd. Also seeking a return ride over to Burlington for July 22, at the end of Dathun. Thanks!! Jackie

Kurt Justin Ride Request White River Junction, VT 07/09/2018 justinpeace2005@yahoo.com

I'm arriving at the Amtrak White River Junction station at approximately 6:30 p.m. on Monday, July 9. I would be happy to share the cost of transportation to Karme Choling. I'm also looking for a ride back to White River Junction on Friday morning, July 13, leaving Karme Choling at about 10 a.m. (my train is at 11:37 a.m.).

Elle Parks Ride Offer Karme Choling 07/21/2018 elle.parks@gmail.com

Hello! I am attending the full Dathun and am looking for someone to share a ride with on 7/21: departing from Karme Choling at 9:30AM and going to Burlington Airport (arriving ~11:30AM). I *already reserved* a car through Vermont Tour and Charter . It is $140 plus $20 for each additional person (not including tip). If anyone would like to ride with me and split the cost ($80/person for two people, $53/person for three people, etc.) please let me know! They also have vans for five people or more. Once the Dathun begins I will not check this rideshare board again, but you can leave me a message on the community board at KC. (Alternatively, if you have a cheaper route to BurlingtonAirport that morning, let me know and perhaps I can cancel the charter and ride with you! 🙂 Blessings and Thank You

Iris Maher Ride Request Maine or Boston or Hanover 07/12/2018 iris.maher@gmail.com

Looking for a ride from anywhere in Maine if possible; otherwise I'll take the bus to Boston and then to Hanover, so I'd love to find someone who's driving all or part of the way. I would be happy to pay gas and expenses. I can leave for Karmê Chöling on either July 11th or July 12.

India Gailey Ride Request Karme Choling 07/07/2018 india.y.gailey@gmail.com

I'm hoping to find a ride from Karme Choling to the Boston airport by 4:30pm on July 7.

Kate Abato Ride Request Montpelier, Vermont 06/17/2018 cathrynabato27@gmail.com

Hello, I arrive from Vancouver to Montreal- Greyhound to Montpelier. Arriving Sunday, June 17.I arriving in Montpelier at 5.10pm. I would like to offer dinner for anyone offering a ride. thanks so much , kate abato

Bettina Hetz Ride Request Hanover, NH 06/21/2018 bettinagrace@yahoo.com

I am arriving on the Dartmouth bus due into Hanover, NH at 1:55 pm. I would ideally like to arrive at KCL no later than 6 pm to make the cut off time for registration. I am willing to pay a staff member who can pick me up a fee plus gas money.

Daniel Boyce Ride Request Burlington Airport 06/04/2018 bodhicheetah@gmail.com

I have a shuttle (to Karme Choling) scheduled for when I arrive at the airport at 4:30pm. It's $140 divided by however many passengers. Should get to KCL around dinner time. Email or text if you want to share the shuttle...Cheers!

Veena Gokhale Ride Request Karmê Chöling 06/30/2018 veenago@gmail.com

Traveling with Marc-Antoine Parent

Marc-Antoine Parent Ride Request Karmê Chöling 06/30/2018 maparent@gmail.com

Traveling with Veena Gokhale

Veena Gokhale Ride Request Montréal Qc 06/22/2018 veenago@gmail.com

Traveling with Marc-Antoine Parent. Also willing to take a bus to Montpelier VT and be picked up there.

Marc-Antoine Parent Ride Request Montréal Qc 06/22/2018 maparent@gmail.com

Traveling with Veena Gokhale for the Weekthün. Also willing to take the bus to Montpelier VT and be picked up there.

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