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ANA Lima Ride Offer Hanover 03/24/2018 Limannyh@gmail.com  
ANA Lima Ride Request Hanover 03/24/2018 Limannyh@gmail.com  
Betsy Pond Ride Request Boston airport or Hanover 05/20/2018 ekpond@yahoo.com

Ride from Boston Airport: at 1:04pm on the 20th of May.
Ride from Hanover: at 6pm

Beth Vande Voort Ride Request Boston or Hanover 04/18/2018 bethvandevoort@gmail.com

I'm flying into Boston and my flight is scheduled to get in at 12:04pm. I would love a ride from either Boston or Hanover to KCL, and am happy to share costs.

Jinpa Heyer Ride Request NYC, New York 06/04/2018 jilhmo@gmail.com  
Peter Maloff Ride Request Montreal,Quebec 06/03/2018 pmaloff@hotmail.com

I am arriving at Montreal from British Columbia in
Canada in June 3,2018. I don’t know the city at all so will most likely be in a hotel that night. Any suggestions re: accommodation will most welcome.

lakota sandoe Ride Request Boston, providence or Hanover 03/23/2018 lilalokas@gmail.com  
Becca Neely Ride Request Hanover 03/23/2018 becca.m.neely@gmail.com

I plan to arrive in Hanover via Dartmouth Coach around 4:00pm. Reach out with any other questions, thank you!

Becca Neely Ride Request Karmê Chöling 03/30/2018 becca.m.neely@gmail.com

I am hoping to get to the Dartmouth Coach bus station in Hanover, NH to catch a bus to the Boston airport by 7:00am. Please reach out with any other questions. Thanks in advance for your support!

ANA Lima Ride Request karme choling 03/01/2018 limannyh@gmail.com

Departure date at any time.

Lee Howson Ride Request Boston 03/03/2018 director@shambhala.org.uk

Hi there. Arriving from DDL early Sunday morning and looking for some help getting to/from KCL for SS1. Happy to travel somewhere convenient.

Jeff Adams Ride Request Boston 06/04/2018 popcornlips@gmail.com

Flying into Boston, probably with Vajra sister, who will also be looking for a ride to/from SS1.

lakota sandoe Ride Request Boston 03/24/2018 lilalokas@gmail.com

happy to drive and share costs. can meet in providence

Allison Plass Ride Request Manhattan/NYC 04/07/2018 aplass@gmail.com

Needing to get an early start to arrive for the start of the Dathun by 5pm. Happy to share in fuel costs, driving, music selection, conversation or silence. 😉

Vera Lutter Lutter Ride Request New York city 04/07/2018 veralutter@earthlink.net

I am looking to get there no later than 5 as my program, spring Dathun, starts at 7.

Many thanks Vera

Anthony Franzese Ride Request NYC 04/07/2018 afranzese4@gmail.com

Looking for a ride from NYC for the Weekthun starting April 7th. Happy to split all costs and driving duties. I'm not a smoker but don't mind if you do.

Mac Perry Ride Request Karmê Chöling 03/17/2018 mccordperry@gmail.com

Hi , I’m looking for a ride on Friday, March 9 from Amherst, MA to the March 9-17 Weekthüns. I’m also looking for a ride back on Saturday the 17th to either Amherst, MA or somewhere in the Greater Boston area. Happy to share gas expenses. Thanks!

Mac Perry Ride Request Amherst, MA 03/09/2018 mccordperry@gmail.com  
Wanda Davies Ride Request Karme Choling 03/17/2018 davies767@gmail.com

At the end of the weekthun.

Wanda Davies Ride Request Burlington VT 03/09/2018 davies767@gmail.com

Arrive at BTV at 11:50 AM Delta flight from Detroit

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