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Pam Williams Ride Request Vermont 05/31/2019 pamelaawilliams@gmail.com

Ride revision, I am looking for a ride to Dorje Denma Ling, to arrive as close as possible to June !st; coming from either the Chicago area or depending on the route, the New York City/Albany/Vermont passage,this depends on funding for another event). looking to share driving expenses (expect to arrive, connect by train, or flight)

(Please respond by email if you might be available up through the first week of June)

Please share this information with any other Midwest-Norheast centers, where people may be heading to DDL land center programs . Many thanks

Pam Williams Ride Request Karme Choling 06/09/2019 pamelaawilliams@gmail.com

Looking for a ride to DDL leaving late Saturday or early Sunday morning immediately after breakfast on the weekend of June 10th

Also looking potentially for a ride to KCL the preceding week from New York /Albany area.

Grace DiNapoli Ride Offer Hanover NH or White River Jct VT 05/22/2019 gdinapoli@karmecholing.org

I am available to drive you to Karme Choling

Grace DiNapoli Ride Offer Hanover NH or White River Jct VT 05/18/2019 gdinapoli@karmecholing.org

I am available to drive you to Karme Choling.

Jessica Stern Ride Request Montpelier, VT 06/28/2019 jagstern@gmail.com

I would be very grateful for a ride to the Montpelier area on 6/28 for the Kyudo First Shot program, as well as a ride back to Montpelier on 6/30. Happy to help with gas and driving!

Alfonso Taboada Ride Request Logan Airport Boston 05/20/2019 attsondru@gmail.com

Arriving from Spain at Logan Airport on May 20 at 14:50

Christina Johansson Ride Request Greater New York City area, or anywhere North of it. 06/03/2019 christina07945@gmail.com

I can meet you anywhere North of the NYC area that I can access by train or bus, then share the ride from there.

Eleanor Rosch Ride Request Boston or Woburn Massachusetts 04/30/2019 rosch@berkeley.edu

I will be arriving in Boston by air the night of 4/29 and staying the night at the Comfort Inn in Woburn MASS which is in a turn off directly on Interstate 93 North. If driving to KCL from Boston or points south, you will pass right by it. I have minimal luggage and will be happy to pay for fuel for the whole trip.

Armando Granados Ride Request Hanover NH 04/28/2019 argos2001ca@yahoo.ca

I need a ride to Karme Choling from Hanover I would be arriving at the Bus stop around 2 pm

Cynthia Spencer Ride Request Hanover NH (or NYC if anyone driving from there) 04/30/2019 skydance@gmail.com

I am coming up from NY city. Expect to take the Dartmouth coach to Hanover, looking for a ride from there. If anyone is driving from that area - or from further south, please let me know.

Brad Browne Ride Request White River Junction VT train station 04/19/2019 brbrowne@aol.com

I am looking for a ride from White River Junction Vt train station to Karme Choling on Friday, April 19 at 6:15pm. I am happy to pay for the ride. Thanks!

Adriana Salazar Ride Request Hanover, NH 04/19/2019 adriananatali3@yahoo.com

Hailing from San Antonio, TX - I'll be attending the half-datun and visiting Karme Choling for the very first time!
Approximate Arrival to Hanover: 630/7 pm.
If there is anyone headed to Karme Choling at this time, I would surely appreciate a ride! I can help with gas or driving.

Amrita Choudhury Ride Request Montpelier, vermont 04/22/2019 a_choud@hotmail.com

I can either be picked up at Montpelier or St. Johnsbury if you are passing by that way.
I can share the driving and the gas.
thank you

David Brick Ride Request Karme Choling 04/16/2019 davidebrick@gmail.com

Going to Boston, but could also take a bus from Hanover and just need a ride from KCL to Hanover.

David Brick Ride Request Boston OR Hanover 04/12/2019 davidebrick@gmail.com

Starting in Boston, but could also take a bus to Hanover and just need a ride for the last stretch to KCL.

Amelia Peres Ride Offer Montreal 03/29/2019 ameliakperes@gmail.com

Will be leaving Montreal at noon, and returning on April 1st!

Trent Larson Ride Request Boston, Massachusetts 03/24/2019 trent.t.larson@gmail.com  
Amrita Choudhury Ride Request Montreal or nearby location 04/22/2019 a_choud@hotmail.com

I am flexible in being picked up either in Montreal or any nearby place.

Rees Sweeney-Taylor Ride Request Karme Choling 04/04/2019 r.sweeneytaylor@gmail.com

Leaving Solitary retreat, need to catch 1:40 PM bus from Hanover.

Rachel Rodi Ride Request Burlington 04/06/2019 rachelthecrone@gmail.com

Way of the flowers

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