The Way of Shambhala

The Way of Shambhala is an extensive series of programs that provide an experiential introduction to meditation practice, wisdom teachings, contemplative arts, and physical disciplines rooted in the ancient traditions of Shambhala and Tibetan Buddhism. We invite new and experienced meditators as well as those looking to enrich their personal spiritual path to explore these teachings with us.

Special Funding Available

If you identify as a person of color you may be eligible for special financial support to attend our retreats.

Indicates Program with Prerequisites


June 27 - 28

ONLINE: The Art of Being Human: Level 1 of the Heart of Warriorship

with Shastri Bill Brauer
This livestreamed mindfulness meditation retreat presents the view that human beings at their core, including ourselves, are fundamentally awake and good. It is open to all.


July 25 - 26

ONLINE: Birth of the Warrior: Level 2 of the Heart of Warriorship, *

with Shastri Bill Brauer
LIVESTREAM: Examine your fears and habitual patterns by training the mind to meet challenging moments with courage and confidence. This is the 2nd Level of the Heart of Warriorship series.


August 29 - 30

ONLINE: Warrior in the World: Level 3 of the Heart of Warriorship *

Livestream: Having discovered our own goodness and having begun to relax with the nature of fear, we can afford to be more daring, open, and genuine. This is the third level of the Heart of Warriorship Series.