KCL Financial Overview

2020 Budget Summary

2019 Financial Summary

Early in 2019, Karmê Chöling saw a 45% drop in program participant-days (number of participants times number of program days) over 2018.  In response to the change in participant numbers, we shifted to a seasonal model in 2019, reducing our operational costs significantly through the winter and focusing on revenue from in-house and cabin retreats. In 2018, we had a large grant for scholarships and in 2019, many Tiger Lodge donors repurposed their gifts to support operations. As a result of donor generosity and reducing expenses, our cash flow for 2019 into 2020 has stabilized and we expect to end 2020 with approximately $100k in reserves.

Going Forward

KCL will be moving into 2020 with a strong calendar of programs and we feel confident in the sustainability of our 2020 business plan. Conservative projections based on 2019 attendance and market research reflect increased participant numbers. The 2020 budget also reflects current monthly donations that have been trending down for the past 18 months and modest fundraising results.