Online: How To Lead Strategically — Discovering & Deepening with Zhuge Liang

with Suzann Duquette and Jane Arthur

May 7 - July 23, 2022

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Zhuge Liang Leading Strategically

Nine-week Exploration of Leading Strategically 
With On-demand Access
This nine-week exploration offers on-demand access to video teachings and materials from the popular How to Lead Strategically series, taught by Suzann Duquette and Jane Arthur, and six LIVE sessions and discussions with the teachers. 
Meeting today’s challenges requires us to understand and master leadership. Mastery depends on us first learning how to “be” and, from there, how to “do”.
We’re all leaders in different aspects of our lives. Every aspect will benefit from virtuous and effective leadership - our organizations, our communities, our businesses and our families. Known as one of the world’s greatest strategists, Zhuge Liang’s timeless and practical teachings are deeply relevant for anyone wanting to lead in a more effective and far-reaching way. 
Zhuge-Liang-Three-Kingdoms-PeopleHaving a vast view is the first step to becoming a complete person. It is through stillness and inner peace that we can have a vast view. Complexities and pettiness dim vision. On the contrary, simplicity and humility brighten vision. — Eva Wong
Your study will draw on recorded sessions and resources from three programs:
  • How to Lead Strategically core 5-month intensive;
  • How to Lead Strategically, a short introductory course for European leaders; and 
  • Exploring and Applying Zhuge Liang.
You’ll have the opportunity to discover and/or deepen in these potent teachings at your own pace as well as having LIVE sessions with the teachers. 


Program Components  

  • Five real-time sessions with the teachers who will focus on enrichment materials. These will be recorded for those unable to attend.
  • On-demand access to How to Lead Strategically series’ videos, each approximately 40 minutes 
  • Learning Partners/Cohorts
  • Web-based Community Discussion Forum
  • Self-study Guide/Workbook of complementary materials (contemplations, exercises, journal prompts, etc.)
  • Full access to the How to Lead Strategically Website — all materials (videos, contemplations, workbook, exercises, forum) will be accessible through this website
  • Bi-weekly email to connect the teachings to your own life


Six LIVE Sessions on Saturdays 1:00-2:30 EDT
May 7: LIVE Introductory Session with the teachers
May 21: LIVE Enrichment teachings & discussion in breakout groups and with the teachers
June 4:  LIVE Enrichment teachings & discussion in breakout groups and with the teachers
June 18: LIVE teachings & discussion with the teachers  
July 9: LIVE Learning Partners/Cohorts Day
July 23: Final LIVE Session/Q&A with the teachers
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In Collaboration With Renowned Author Dr. Eva Wong

This introductory series on strategic leadership has been developed in collaboration with the renowned author and expert Dr. Eva Wong, and is based on her book: A Course on Mastering the Art of Leadership and Strategy — Based on the Writings of Zhuge Liang. Dr. Wong will also present a deeper and more extensive study course on Zhuge Liang in 2023.

The On-demand Program Is For You If: 
  • You’re new. This is a great opportunity to discover the Zhuge Liang teachings on strategic leadership at your own pace.
  • The on-demand, self-paced study format works best for your life.
  • You would like to be better prepared to attend Dr. Wong’s programs on Zhuge Liang in 2023.
  • You’ve taken the five-module program, European series, or Exploring and Applying Zhuge Liang, and want to deepen the material in your own life and with others.


Appreciation for Leading Strategically

I’ve found the course incredibly helpful in identifying my strengths as a leader, where I’m not as strong and how to create and relate to the team around me. The methodology is very straightforward - offering a great deal of depth as well as breadth.  — Betsy 
This teaching is magical and unexpectedly practical... By studying this material together we take a fresh look at our schedule, habits, homes and personal nourishment. — Ella
These teachings are very inspiring for me personally. The system is straightforward and simple, at the same time very deep. Life becomes more interesting when you are able to learn from each situation, from every human or being. Also, I finally understood why being virtuous is so important and how important it is to pay close attention to that. — Irina

Registration Details

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About Suzann Duquette

Suzann has studied Zhuge Liang and strategic leadership with Dr. Eva Wong since 2009. She sees these ancient teachings as resonating deeply with the needs and issues leaders face now. She also has studied The Art of War by Sun Tzu since the 1980s, and has taught widely on this text. A student in Shambhala for 45 years, Suzann has served as a leader in governance, education, and protection service. Previously a Co-director and Director of Karmê Chöling Shambhala Meditation Center, she is now the center’s senior teacher. Suzann is also an instructor of Daoist-Qigong in the lineages of Eva Wong and a senior instructor of Mudra Space Awareness, as presented by Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche. Through body disciplines and awareness practices, she emphasizes embodiment in all of her teaching.

About Jane Arthur

Jane has studied the teachings of Zhuge Liang and strategic leadership with Dr. Eva Wong since 2009. She has held many leadership positions throughout her varied career including her time as a nurse and an attorney. She has served in the United States Air Force and as an Assistant Attorney General in the Northern Mariana Islands. More recently, she has held a variety of leadership positions in Shambhala, including as the Director of Karmê Chöling. She has also taught in Europe and North America on the unique teachings on leadership offered within Shambhala. Outside of her work in Shambhala, she was the Director of the Vermont Leadership Institute and Network at the Snelling Center for Government which trains citizen leaders for the state of Vermont. She is currently the Chair of the Board of Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital and serves on several other boards in her community. She loves working with these teachings and has found them to be uniquely potent and perfectly suited for this time.


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