Polishing the Jewel of Karmê Chöling

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche stepped on the land of Karmê Chöling and recognized that it was a precious place that could support his teachings. For over fifty years, people have come to discover their basic goodness and radiate it back into the world. Over the summer, we are polishing this jewel with much needed maintenance and upgrades.

Join us to:

Aloka Front Windows

The Aloka/West Wing is perhaps the most versatile section of the house –– containing a shrine room, popular guest rooms, a children’s space, a teacher’s (or Dorje Kasung) suite, and the laundry room. The siding, windows, and underlying structure had extensive rot and needed replacing. A generous donor gave a large gift towards this project, but the 10 front windows still need funding.

To complete this project we need: $5,000

KCL Store Roof and Repairs

KCL shop was once a milking house for the Patenaude family dairy farm. It is the last remaining part of the barn that was located there. The shop is beloved by program participants for providing them with emergency supplies or the occasional icecream. The gails and wet of Vermont took their toll on our facilities shop and store and they need some roof repairs.

To complete this project we need: $2,000

Water Storage Tank Upgrades

The humble water storage tanks are an unassuming, but indispensable, part of life at Karmê Chöling. They pressurize the water from our well, allow it to flow through the pipes, and act as an emergency reserve of water. Without them, Karmê Chöling would be without water for drinking, bathing, and flushing toilets. The water tanks have served us well for 15 years and it is time for the internal mechanism to be replaced.

To complete this project we need: $7,300