Core Staff Openings

Welcome and thank you for your interest in joining our staff! We have two categories of core staff, residential and non-residential. We seek applicants with skills and work experience relevant to the position for which they are applying.  For more information about any of the positions, email the Head of Personnel (email is the preferred initial contact).

Please know that Karmê Chöling’s living space is in a converted farmhouse and, like most older homes in northern climates, is prone to mold. Experts have assured us that the molds found at Karmê Chöling are relatively benign. We follow mitigation protocols, but if you are severely immune compromised, please think carefully about your plans to spend time here. We are not able to control some environmental factors at Karmê Chöling.


RESIDENTIAL CORE STAFF form a community of practitioners dedicated to the vision of Shambhala. Having a current and established connection to Shambhala practice, study (classes and Levels), and volunteering within the community is necessary for these positions.

JOB OPENINGS (for Shambhala practitioners):

Program Coordinator
A great opportunity to serve teachers, staff and participants while deepening one’s own path. Prior experience coordinating Shambhala programs required.  The Program Coordinator organizes and facilitates programs at Karmê Chöling. As the main reference point for participants, Coordinators are responsible for manifesting Shambhala Vision. Coordinators create and maintain an environment consistent with the teachings. The coordinator is also the main contact for Karmê Chöling staff regarding each program and serves as a liaison to each department to ensure the prep work is done to host the program. Apply now below or click here to download the full job descriptionPosition available now.

Program Manager
A leadership role, the programs manager is responsible for supervising the day-to-day activities of the Programs Department, such as supervising and mentoring coordinators, facilitating interdepartmental communication, and maintaining and updating various management systems. Works closely with assisting the Director of Programs in a variety of projects, including editing and creating various manuals, checklists, and training curriculum for coordination. Handles ordering materials for programs, training guest coordinators, leading weekly meetings, and prepping and occasionally coordinating programs. Tantrikas preferred. Experience coordinating Shambhala programs is required. Apply now below or click here to download the full job description. Position available now.

Marketing Specialist
Develop print and online marketing, fundraising and advertising material, prepare and send email communications, manage Karmê Chöling social media campaigns and provide administrative support to the Director of Communications. Additionally, the person in this role will assist in the planning, development and implementation of the overall marketing strategy for both online and print media. Apply now below or click here to download the full job description. Position available now.

IT Support Specialist
Responsible for managing the technology situation including: maintaining workstations, ensuring access and reliability of the internal network, administering the Google Apps domain, managing efforts to enhance and maintain WordPress and PHP based websites, and being a resource for other technological needs. Skills include: Technical Mac and Windows workstations support, software application support, project management, end-user training, functional requirements gathering, familiarity with networking technology, technical resource and vendor management.  Web development and PHP programming skills are a plus. Apply now below or click here to download the full job description. Position available now.

Prepare nutritional, well-balanced, uplifted meals that use appropriate local and seasonal ingredients whenever possible. Takes responsibility for maintaining inventory, maintaining a clean and sanitary environment, complying with specific dietary needs, assisting in food prep and dish washing as needed.   A minimum of six months experience in food preparation for large groups, a cheerful attitude, and the ability to work comfortably under pressure will ensure success. This position also requires the ability to stand and walk for long periods of time, reaching, bending, stooping, and frequently lifting up to 40 lbs. Apply now below or click here to download the full job description. Position available now.

Prep Cook
This position supports the line cooks for efficient preparation of  all food prepared for KCL staff and program participants. This position is responsible for maintaining a clean and sanitary kitchen workspace as well as maintaining a clean and stocked service area. Additional duties include washing pots and pans, rotating stock, opening and closing kitchen, as well as any other tasks assigned.  Experience in working with knives for chopping and dicing of foods is preferred. Apply now below or click here to download the full job description. Position available now.

Facilities Support
Maintain and uplift the buildings and environment of Karme Choling. Responsibilities include managing the setup, maintenance, and takedown of the campground. Grounds care, including mowing and brush cutting, and snow and ice removal. Performing routine maintenance of buildings. May oversee 1-3 volunteers and supports program setup and takedown activities when necessary. Must be able to perform physical tasks such as lifting, shoveling etc. and work outdoors in the year-round weather of Vermont.  Handy person skills and a knack for organization are a plus! Apply now below or click here to download the full job description. Position available now.

Guest Services Associate
The receptionist is often the first point of contact for participants, guests and those learning about Shambhala.  The person in this position must respond to guests in person and via phone calls and emails in a kind, compassionate and professional manner, assist with program registrations and housing assignments, process payments, and other various activities. A friendly attitude and organizational skills are needed. An established meditation practice and some Shambhala training are ideal. Apply now below. Position available now.

PAID HOURLY NON-RESIDENTIAL positions are typically in the Kitchen and Housekeeping. Employees live in the local community and come from various backgrounds and religions. We do not have any hourly non-residential job openings at this time. Please send a resume if you want to be called when there is an opening to Head of Personnel.