Contact Us

Phone Number: (802) 633-2384
Emergency Pager: (802) 283-6118

Mailing Address:
369 Patneaude Lane
Barnet, Vermont 05821
Tel: (802) 633-2384

Front Desk Hours
Monday – Friday: 10:30am – 5pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10:30am – 12:30pm and 1:30pm – 5:00pm

Contact a Staff Member:


Main line (802-633-2384) plus extension unless noted otherwise.

Position Name Phone Email
Executive Director Myra Woodruff 207
Deputy Director Kit Wynkoop 144
Director of Finance Bill Barry 802-633-4417 x3226
Acharya in Residence Suzann Duquette 147
Rusung Emma Cataford 159
Human Resources Heather Wenrich 140

Department Contacts

Main line (802-633-2384) plus extension unless noted otherwise.

Position Name Phone Email
A/V & Archives Michael Leszcynski 158
Cabin Retreats Julia Persch 122
    Retreats Assistant Mike de Give 122
Communications & Technology Laura Greer 802-633-4417 x3212
     IT Support Engineer Nick Miller 802-633-4417 x3211
     Marketing Specialist 802-633-4417 x3225
Development Director 142
     Development Assistant Sheelagh Higginson 146
Financial Aid/Scholarships Ella Reznikova
Garden Manager Ciel Haviland
Guest Services Director
     Front Desk/Registration Diana Tifase 101
     Front Desk/Registration Susie Hwang 103
Kitchen Manager Jason Taylor 135
Programs Director Marian English 108
    Programs Manager Jean Pitman 145
        Program Staffing Coordinator Maizie Kelly 153
        Program Coordinator Tsöndrü Nicholson 109
        Program Coordinator Ashleyn Talley 130
Property Manager Jeremiah Fruchtman 134
Store Nanine Beard

Reaching a Guest

It may be difficult to reach a program participant by phone, so we recommend that you coordinate a specific time to call. The reception desk can also take phone messages and post them on the program bulletin board. If you would like to write a letter to a guest, please include the participant’s full name and the name of the program he or she is attending.

To contact a guest in an emergency, call the emergency pager (802) 283-6118 and leave your call-back number when prompted. Someone will call you back and take your message directly to the person you are trying to contact.

Please note that most cell phone networks other than Verizon do not get reception in this area. Karmê Chöling has a phone for general use, but it does not have long-distance service. To make long-distance calls, either bring a calling card with you or purchase one from our store.