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OK, people. What we have here is clearly a tents situation. But if you love the forest, good food and buddhist practice, we think you’ll do just fine.

On May 6 – 10, you are invited to Karmê Chöling to help us put up tents for the summer season. You’ll meditate twice a day in one of our shrine rooms, breathe fresh forest air, make new friends and experience the vividly awake energy of Karmê Chöling.

You’ll also be our guest at mealtime at the sangha-famous Karmê Chöling kitchen, featuring Head Chef Jason Taylor and the Karmê Chöling kitchen crew. You’ll be introduced to the sublime mysteries of the ratchet strap and the whereabouts of the fabled Tent Cave. You could also use your visit to peruse selections in our lovely library, take in the energy of the Main Shrine Room, and trod the new wooden floorboards in the Community Room. You may hear firsthand about other preparations we’re making for our 50th anniversary, if you listen really hard.

Shrine room floor accommodations and meals are FREE for the duration. Come experience a different aspect of the path of meditation.

In the meantime, tent-putter-uppers, we’ll get to the bottom of why Karmê Chöling insists on calling this four-day event “Tent Volunteer  Weekend.


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